what is this uni??

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2904&item=7167754444&rd=1 cos i got given one of them and it was my first uni but i never found out what it was.

thanks Ned

looks kind of like my SUN uni. The frame, seat, and seatpost clamp look identical to my eye.


it looks to me like its an old sun without the quick release or the sun sticker. either they took it off, or its an imitation sun unicycle of some sort. but i still think its a sun.

I personally don’t think its a sun. THe reason i think that is that aren’t those lollipop bearings?

it looks a lot like my first uni, which was a Savage…but with a 24" wheel 'stead of a 20".

dunno what it is, but it’s not a sun. suns don’t have lollipop bearing holders. The seat does look the same though.

In Canada, that’s your generic local bike shop unicycle. I believe it is ordered out a Lambert catalogue.

We bought that unicycle in 24” and had it for 2 weeks. My brother who just got into unicycling rode it mostly and did no drop larger then a curb and only rebalancing hops. We were able to return it to the shop under warranty. The wheel was out of true, the foam on the seat was ripping, the rim was beginning to rust, the hub had begun to bend, and the cranks were beginning to twist, and the hub lock tight nut’s kept coming undone. The seat was the most uncomfortable seat I have ever tried however with a sock and an inner tube on top of it the seat made a nice air seat.

How was your exprience in riding it?

In my opinion you did really well to learn on that type of unicycle; no matter new unicycle you ride, it’s probably a change for the better!

It’s a generic “cheap” unicycle. Unfortunately naming it may be impossible because many of them are sold without names. In the old days (which are still today in some shops), bike shops would generally have a maximum of two unicycles. When there was more than one, it was usually a 20" and a 24". There was no need for fancy names, it was a “unicycle.” Various factories in Taiwan and elsewhere made a few different variations of framesets, and a few types of seats, which could be mixed and matched by anyone who wanted to order several hundred (or more) units. Then resellers could put on any sticker they wanted, or none at all.

So you might call it a “generic Taiwan,” or maybe an “old Sun” though I can’t be sure if either of those is entirely accurate.

when i got mine it had a uni.com sticker on it the saddle was a bit uncomfortable but i did’nt know that cos i had’nt been on any others. i jumped off picnic tables on it and it landed fine then i tacoed it on a stair set.

yes there lollipop bearings

yes it is a generic unicycle, numerous different companies are rebranding these and selling them, I had one with the Avenir logo on it, then painted it, bought new pedals and a new seat, then a new uni, but they work just fine if youre just learning.