what is this trick called?

i was riding around and sorta jumping of my uni then landing back on and riding away what is this trick called?

also what is it called when you ride then when still movinging jump of and while in the air you are moving(im trying to stress the fact that your jumping fully of the uni while moving)then land ing back on same thing as above butwhile moving ,what is it called?

if I invented a new trick and landed it do i get to name it?

Depending on wether you release your handle or not, this would be a no-footer or a nothing (if you release your handle). I pretty much think this trick has been done before (the no-footer has definitally been done) though, so no naming either :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess if you invented a certain new trick, that doesn’t have it’s roots in either skateboarding or BMX (people will tend to use the name given to the trick in either skateboarding or BMX then), you’d get to name it.

Jumping off the unicycle and then landing back on the pedals is called a no footer…I don’t quite know what you mean by the next one, but it could be a rolling no footer/half crankflip.

i would say that if you jumped off but kept the handle in your hand its a no footer but if you let go i would just call it an air.

ok me second trick I jump off the uni fully and release the handlewhile moving then land back on it

damn so close i woulda called it something like a flying suicide air or something like that

Figuring out what you are talking about helps if you spell “off” and “of” correctly. It’s confusing when it’s all “of” and “of.”

I would like to see a video of that…never heard of a no handed no footer before.

Mike Swarbrick “swarbrim” does that trick in their video Uni-T! Its not new, but it is cool! :sunglasses: