What is this trick called? does it even have a name?

i learned this one yesterday and i dont know what its called can you guys help me out

not working

oh its cos i only just put it on sorry

is it working now?

I have seen it before, but I am not sure on the name.

i guess it is working then

I’m not aware of the trick’s name but is it just me or is your saddle pointing downwards in the front at a severe angle, whats up with that?

Maybe he prefers it that way?

yeah it is, really badly too its probably gonna break soon. i think its from learning crankflips and 180 flips and backflips. oopsy doodle

oh, i dont

The trick is called a Seat Whip and was invented by Dan Heaton.

Hope that helps.

it’s in universe 2 a couple times. dan heaton does it. seat whip seems about as good of name as any.

thats what I was going to say
but i forgot the name of the trick
and who invented it.

oh ok thanks. i thought the name would have something to do with a clock. oh well .

From my own experience I believe that is from landing on the nose of a Torker seat too hard too many times.

After you bend it back the seat post is a little weaker so it happens easier with every time you land wrong.

thats it!:slight_smile:

And Xavier Collos does it in Defect. Sweet move.

Xav does it in Defect as well.

Damn you, lukkyjay!

Xav does it in Defect as well.

Damn you, dudewithasock!

hehe he just beat you
and they just beat you muzzle