What is this???? Tips???

k, I’ve been working on a new trick on my free time, and it is where I spin the unicycle 180 degrees counterclockwise, and spin my body(body variel) 180 degrees clockwise. So it is a 360 altogether, and I flip the cranks.

I dont know what this is called.

If anyone does please post it, and i’d like some tips too. :thinking:

I’ve hit both pedals before, but still cannot land it.

Inward flip?

do you have a video of you, or anyone else doing it?


2:13, inward smallflip.

I don’t have any tips because I can’t do it.

Wouldn’t that require a flip, as well?

I’m not big on names but it looks like a “inward spin” to me, using the same terminology.

But yeah, without a flip its an inward smallspin or inward spin.

If you can already hit both pedals, you pretty much have it figured out. Just need to practice it. Good luck.

missed that part.

I am SOOOOOO close!!! I’ll have it by today or tomarrow!!!