What is this big uni I spotted on Gracies Blog?

I’m sure it’s one of you poeple, I’m talking about the big thin wheel in the front.
Also, what Gracie Sorbello mentioned hip surgery, what happened to her hip? is she OK?
Just curious.

That would be Beau Hoover, riding John Foss’ 45" wheel on the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival’s big wheel party ride.

(See Foss himself on Beau’s signature yellow Hunter 36".)

It’s Tom Miller Big Wheel, from The Unicycle Factory. It’s serial # 30, from 1982. Built like a Schwinn, with same style of frame, bearings and Schwinn seat. The seat has a sheepskin cover on it that was actually made for Schwinn unicycle seats! A protoype, probably. The hard rubber tire makes it great for spins, bad for long rides. Weight is about 28-29 pounds. See more pictures of it here.

Sorry I don’t know anything about Gracie’s hip issues. Hope she’s okay!