what is the weight limit of a torker?

What is the weight limit of a Torker Unistar LX 24"? I’ve looked but I can’t find anything that says. Thanks.

well i didnt learn on a torker but most learner uni hubs are the same…im 230lbs and mystarter uni is still going strong…if your not going to be doing big drops aor muni on it then it will hold up fine id say up to about 300lbs at least.

Thanks. Hopefully I’ll be picking up mine tomorrow!

umm i have a friend w/ a 24"LX … he bent it jumping off a 4 stair… w/ rollout and he weighs like 110

thats becouse your not suposed to use it for 4 stair jumping its a learner uni

I would say he landed it wrong

no kidding, If he landed it right, there would of been no problem. I have one firned with a LX and hes gone off 4-foot drops, and landed hard, hasnt broke anything, he weighs 140ish. My other friend, mike, he weighs about 120, somewhat light, and has gone off 5-steps, cranks arent even bent, and they have both done this tons of times, so their unis have lots of wear and ear in them.