What is the strongest saddle and seatpost?

Out of all these saddles which is the strongest
I keep on breaking my saddles from landing on the front of it.
Also, I should probs get a new seatpost, unless the strongest saddle fits on the nimbus seatpost. So whats the best seatpost that will fit on a nimbus frame and will fit the strongest saddle as well.

Wow the was confusing.
Any help will be greatly appriciated.

P.S. im not buying that thompson seatpost, too expensive.

Strongest post is the cromo one. Strongest seat is the “classic” .

Ok, I was thinking the crmo post would win but i would never think the classic would win.
how is it so strong?
I dont want the classic though, as it has no handle. Or could you buy a handle and put it on instead of that flat thing?
would the classic fit on the crmo seatpost?
are the bolts and all that included?

thanks bye

The classic is the strongest because it has a metal base, all plastic base saddles eventually break. It will fit the cromo post.

I’m sure you could attach a handle, or figure something out with duct tape.

i just realised the handle wouldn’t fit. handles have 4 holes, seat has 2. also look
its says steel and plast base??? it also says will fit any 22.2mm seatpost. i need the 25.4mm seatpost to fit my frame.

Is it possible to order one or have it custom made by any chance??

good question

Also have you called UDC by any chance and asked them if they can supply you with a bigger seatpost?? :smiley:

why would i want a bigger seatpost???

Sorry, slightly longer seatpost. :smiley:

why would i want a longer seatpost???

Strongest seatpost is a CrMo one (but I keep bending the plate on top of it)
Strongest sadle is a sadle with CF seatbase

Peter M

Nevermind, maybe you should call UDC or have one custom made. :smiley: :smiley:

The post will fit, whoever wrote that description is stupid. If it’s not a miyata its going to fit.

You could add a handle with a bit of drilling. Carbon fiber is the best option if you can afford it.

You will probably find that a Thomson seat post would be stronger than a cromo due to said “plate bending” but then you’ll need a rail adapter which are not invincible.

Best option if your made of money is a Thomson with a Wallis DeRail base, and a DeathGrip handle!

The classic saddle is pretty easy to toss a KH handle onto. I have a viscount (same as the classic I think) and I put a KH handle on it in a couple of hours.

How is the viscount without a handle? I know it has some sort of “lip” on the front and people are able to grab it for the handle effect. I belive shaun even did some big roll hops with it. Have you ridden it without the kh handle?

i could afford the carbon fibre, i have a job now, but i dont want to have to order it from germany or whereever. and also would that base probailer linked me to fit on the classic?
thanks bye

someone should answer…

Why don’t you want them to come from germany or wherever?? :thinking: