what is the secret

What is the secret to 360 unispins? Is there some thing to do that makes them way easier, sort of like how crouching made SIF easier to learn? I have been practicing them for like 3 weeks almost every day and have probably gotten into the thousands of attempts and still the closest I have gotten is nailing my balls after by front foot hit the pedal.

When I was learning, I rode sif and would land sif.

I spin the uni to the right, so my right hand is on the left side of the handle. Left hand is just holding the side of the seat.

Jump, spin, keep the right hand on the handle, make sure during the spin the cranks are straight and land.

It may be your hand positioning.

But the biggest secret to it is to commit to the landing. Dont chicken out right before hitting a pedal. Landing seatin is usually easier than seatout, so just keep practicing.