what is the purpose of shaving a trials tire

what is the purpose of shaving a trials tire and how to do it

dunno the purpose, but u can get a ppenknife to shave off sides and or sanders?

  1. It is smoother, and has less rolling resistance, which can make it nice for street/flat.

  2. That’s just the way some people like it?!

For street, sometimes it is not necessary to have the knobs on the tyre as you may not need them to grip onto things like you would in trials, so shaving it allows you to have a high volume tyre for jumps and drops, which is nice and smooth for riding urban areas (ie not in mud or slippy floors).

Mainly its for a smoother ride, and you have a loss of weight.

Its gonna be a bit different for every rider though, cause for me, ive had a bald (bald enough to count as shaved) CC tire, and I always like the smooth feel it had when riding around. I remember thinking when I got my new KH the new CC would feel sluggish or like it was pulling with the gorund, but surprisingly, it rode as smooth as my bald tire did.

Its worth trying it though, or just letting your tire go completely bald.