What is the 'Point' of unicycling?

This isn’t spam.

I’ve been asked that question several times, in the context of unicycling vs. bikes and skateboards.

What is the answer?

I have said that: 1. trials unicycling is a more condensed all-body workout then other forms of exercise I have tried. 2. Most people can ride a bike, in some form or other, very few people ride a unicycle, so it’s unique. 3. It’s a good way to meet people and to start conversations. 3. It builds perseverance. 3. You can’t easily be a unicycle poser, in unicycling you can tell quickly if someone can ride well or not. It’s hard to be fake.


As a unicycle poser (I’m still working on getting one) I’m interested in getting started because it’s one of the few things that can be as graceful as figureskaters (freestyle), yet agressive and impressive enough to ride street and muni… What other vehicle has such a wide range of expression and application?

Bikes can’t do the graceful freestyling, nor can skateboards (not to the level of a uni) plus skateboards can’t hit the trails…

I have had a similar argument with my skater friends. I used to skate, and sometimes still do, but I’m not very good at it (i can ollie, kickflip, shoveit, beginners stuff), so I tell them that I wanted to try something different, and once they see some of the videos they understand why. I think unicycling is (can be) much more technical than skateboarding. You have to worry about left/right,forward/backward balance all the time, and you have to be constantly pedalling or hopping, or balancing a stillstand. You cannot ride a skateboard down a mountain…well you can, but they’re specially-made and not as maneuverable. You cannot skateboard down a skinny-tree or from rock to rock, the way you can on a unicycle.

They argue that you cannot do as many tricks on a unicycle. This may be true, seeing as you cannot (easily) coast/glide and do tricks the way you can on a skateboard, but you can still (kinda) ride vert (dropping in at least), street, muni, trials and freestyle.

I’ve never seen a “trials skateboard”, though. So thats something I could use to argue that there arent as many genres of skateboarding as there are unicycling.

Unicycles are also much better for commuting than skateboards.

It’s challenging and super-duper fun!

It’s a lot like skateboarding and biking, in that there are 100’s of tricks one can learn, but it’s a little safer than the aforementioned two, as the unicycle has no “freewheeling capability”.

It’s portable transportation: you can tuck a 20"er under your arm and take it to class, on the bus, hide it in the bushes, etc. and it’s way more fun than walking.

It’s inefficient, it’s slow, it’s difficult to learn… there’s really no point to unicycling. :stuck_out_tongue:

cuz its another thing that can impress people. people are more impressed by me unicyclin than breakdancing. the point is just to kinda have fun mostly, and here and there show people a cool trick.

for me, it came down to the fact that I couldn’t ride a uni and I wanted to learn how. In my mind I had pretty much mastered two wheels, I could do everything I wanted to to do, dh, trials (somewhat), bmx racing, freestyle, xc mtb, etc.

I saw some of Kris’ movies because of my job and thought that it looked like a fun alternative to two wheelers.

Like someone else said, it’s hard to learn and not everyone will learn, so it’s unique and a constant challenge.

For me it was a “dare” that got me started. I saw a uni at my neighbour’s garage sale, he’d bought it at a previous garage sale, had it for 10 years, but never learned to ride it. He said, “betcha’ can’t ride it”, so like a good testosterone-loaded male I had to try. And loved it - great exercise, unique, cheap (relatively), fun, …

I love the quote on someone’s address, goes something like: “1% of the population can ride a unicycle, the other 99% wonder why we bother”. I know why I bother!

It’s fun. Does there need to be another point?

I love unicycling, because as other people have said it is more rare than Skating and stuff. I still skate and can ride bmx (kind of) but none of my freinds uni and they dont intend to learn.

Some people take the mick, others love it. Not many people know that you can do so much stuff on a uni (trial, Muni, Freestyle etc) its the range and the impressions that it makes (and the way it can look)
There is alot of things i like about the uni

UNI RULES (end of)

I did not think it possible for those words to go together in a sentance…weird.

There is no ‘point’. It’s just because.


It’s fun, addicting and rewarding. It’s exciting to try a new line, and there’s always the thrill of adrenaline that should be taken into account. It builds stamina (personally I think so). I also think it helps my mind to stop, and evaluate problems, and look for the possibilities in solving them not only in unicycling, but in life. It stimulates not only my brain in a zen sort of way, but my whole body: trying to combat gravity and “master balance” (I think Kris Holm’s said that trials unicycling is the mastering of balance). I like toying with those two unseen forces. I like pushing my own personal envelope. Trials really helps me understand my own capacities as a rider, and allows me to know where to push my bounds. Completing a goal or a challenge is rewarding…just plain riding is very relaxing–my mind wanders and is often very introspective and reflective when I’m out riding from one urban section to the next.

A lot of unicycling is like an art. And also there’s drive in the craft: The more you progress, the more you’re prone to shoot for perfection.

The acheivement I feel is also doing something that I once thought impossible–and especially felt was impossible for me. Things like, “Oh I’ll never learn how to wheel walk–that looks so hard!” And even though I should really practice the trick more so I can learn how to glide, I can now wheel walk, and it actually wasn’t as hard as I first expected.

There’s also a lot of mind vs. body going on when I ride. My mind tries to tell me that I cannot acheive certain trials situations, and I have to convince myself that this is just a mental block and I can physically actually accomplish the trials line/situation.

Essentially these are my random scribblings from the perspective of Uni-Trials…I consider myself a trials rider foremost.


Re: What is the ‘Point’ of unicycling?

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> This isn’t spam.
> I’ve been asked that question several times, in the context of
> unicycling vs. bikes and skateboards.

Its fun, and it requires a modicum of perseverance, which brings a
certain amount of satisfaction.


Have you ever seen Flatland BMX on pro level?

Agreed…if it’s possible to agree to a question. :wink:

Heh, you have 3 number 3’s:D

What’s the point? From skaters? Sheesh. If asked by someone doing an equally “useless” activity (skating, biking, exercising), the first answer that comes to my mind is “same reason you do what you’re doing.”

Other possibilities:

  • It’s better than video games
  • I could be watching TV
  • It’s better than selling drugs and painting graffiti
  • It’s better than {insert skating, bicycling, tai-chi, etc.}
  • Because I can
  • Why does fun have to have a point?

What is the point of asking?

Unicycling is as useful as playing the trombone, but quieter; it’s as energetic as downhill skiing, but cheaper; it’s…

Oh for crying out loud. I do it because I enjoy doing it.

Yeah; I mean, what’s the point of anything. It is all about what people enjoy.

I think quilting clubs are stupid, but a quilter would think they are fun.

Of course uni’s are a kinda dumb way to get around, but who cares if you enjoy it; right.