What is the one thing you would never do without when unicycling?

i would never go unicycling without my unicycle :sunglasses:

You should harden your chode at your age, not pamper it. A raw chode is a small problem anyway.

wen i first read the title, i mis-read it and didnt c the word ‘without’. hahahaha a lot of things came to mind… :roll_eyes:

at unicon chris did a 3spin without shoes!! it was awsome

No. Does IE7 have a setting for that? I can’t find it. Note that the conversion only takes place if there is not even a single lower case character in what you type.


Pretty sure now. Using the same IE7 browser, I typed an ALL CAPS message in a totally different forum (not unicyclist.com) and it was not converted. Also, 4umfreak did an ALL CAPS test in the test forum here, using Firefox 3.5.8, and his message was converted to lower case as well. So it must be the forum software. There are more of those peculiarities. Remember the minimum length for a message that was debated a while ago?

do you bring the butt’r even when you’re not planning on meeting anyone, just in case you do?:stuck_out_tongue:

Cody Williams did a 540 barefoot :sunglasses:

with metal pedals !


Ooh yeah, that stuff is magical.

You sure? they look like some plastic ones I gave Cody once.

No i’m not sure.I could be thinking of someone else


A good sense of humor! :smiley:
(And pepper spray for people who make lame comments! :wink: )

thats the kinda thing u do at conventions n stuff wen everyone is drunk. y would u do that at home by urself? haha

It was for a comp.:slight_smile:


Only been back at riding uni’s for a few weeks now (stopped when I was a teen), but something I picked up from distance hiking and rock climbing is now carrying over to riding:

WATER! I have a 2L hydration pack with a very secure harnass system. Anything more then just playing in the parking lot and the pack is with me!
And yes, I have climbed a 100 ft rock face in 90 degree heat, the extra weight was WELL worth it! :smiley:

I think I am gonna have to go with my seat on this one.

I never leave without a bottle of water and a banana, also got to have a spare inner tube with the amount of pot holes in the UK these days!!

I’m sticking with wrist guards as number 1. Today I had my first hard fall. My hands, wrists, and chest took the fall (wind knocked out of me). My hands and wrists are fine. My ribs are pretty sore. My left rotator-cuff is hurting, but none of it is bad. After getting my breath back, I continued on to work. D’oh, did I feel stupid.

Iøm fine without shoes. flips and spins are more fun without them. I think I once did a treyflip barefoot, but I’m not sure… And of course I don’t do anything scary or particularly difficult without shoes

Ontopic: I never ride without armour. I’ve done some pretty bad fall (with armour), and I won’t risk doing them when I’m not wearing armour.

EDIT: I always ride without helmet when riding indoors in my club, and I ride without my KH Pulse gloves when we practice shows and such, and I’ve got to hold someone’s hands.