what is the nightrider frame made out of?

is it chromoly steel? i need to know so i can weld my mountainuni mount to my frame

From the UDC website:

Post some pics when you are one. always interested in seeing good mods.

Metal blend for Older Style Nimbus 36 frames ?

I think to help Delta get a little more specific, He has an older UDC Nimbus nightrider with a Square Taper hub. Has UDC changed or upgraded the materials used to build frames from 3-4 yrs ago?

The description Eric pulled is off the most recent Website descriptions for the UDC Nightrider with an ISIS hub. Thanks for the add, but I think we need the “wayback” machine to be sure. Not 100% sure on the metal blend and whether Welding a steel mount to a CrMo steel frame causes any issues, or whether specific CrMo weld rods need to be used?

You can weld mild steel to CroMo steel (both are just regular steel). Mild steel rods or mild-steel MIG wire should work fine. You might want to consider brazing it together, which a lot of bike builders do for “braze on” components, such as this or magura mounts.

You can’t weld stainless steel or aluminum to the CroMo frame.


Thanks Corbin, Just what we needed to confirm!

Some of the old uni mags have unicycle listings that states what the frame materials and componentry are comprised of.
The August 09 and April 09 issue both have the Nimbus nightrider & nightrider pro listed as having CroMo frames

Yeah I still need to know whether it’s cromo or not. I suspect it’s about 2 or 3 years old, it’s the original blue color. I emailed uni.com but forgot to say for the old one.

I would follow Corbin’s advice about brazing.

Also, it is really easy to make a bolt on mount for the Nightrider frame. I made one with two pieces of angle that are bolted together so that they make a sort of “S” section. one of the faces is bolted to the Nightrider frame, and the other one has the disc brake adapter bolted to it. It has been a solid performer for a while now.

You’re going to love the disc.

Hmmm… I seem to remember welding to a blue nightrider with square taper hub when we did the proof of concept rig. still works well. I used a Mig welder.

All Nimbus coker frames (currently that I know of) are steel. You can weld a steel mount to the steel frame using a steel filler. Or braze it on using a brass (or related) filler. I’ve done both to a Nimbus frame. Torch welded, brazed, and MIG welded (with a steel filler — which is important, some MIG welders, but very few, are set up for aluminum with pure argon gas and al wire feed).