What is the most versatile uni?

hey, guys! I’m new here, and about to purchase my first uni. i have a question. i want to have the most versatile unicycle possible. i will mostly be doing street riding, and really want to get into trials and such. but there is one problem.
my parents are barely letting me get a uni as it is. i was planning on getting the club 24 in. from unicycle.com, but seeing as it won’t hold up to the kind of riding i want to do in the future. the easy solution is to buy a trials once i get good enough. but as i said before, my parents are barely letting me get one in the first place, let alone another. i did a search and found out that i have just enough for a nimbus trials uni. what do you suggest i do?

tl;dr i want a very versatile uni for my first, will a trials do it. can only have one uni.

I Just bought a nimbues trials unicycle, it will come in the mail on thursday! I would say get the trials if you want to get to that eventually, and even if you dont you will never have any problems riding around town on it, I rode on a 20 inch for four years, but couldnt do any trials because it was a no name uni and would fall apart if I did. Imho the Nimbus is the best bang for your buck

Trials and Street unicycles are very similar, so that Nimbus should be a great choice for your situation. The worse choice would be to buy a non-splined uni, like the Club, and ride it until it breaks, “proving” you needed something more in the first place.

A Trials won’t be quite as easy to learn to ride on, but don’t let that discourage you. EVERY unicycle seems impossible until you start to get the hang of it. Put plenty of air in the tire if you’re still learning to ride, to reduce the friction. Once you start hopping around, you’ll want to lower the pressure to something that gives more bounce, but always keep your rim off the ground!

In the end, no unicycle is “the most versatile” because it entirely depends on what you want to do with it. With activities ranging from indoor hockey to long-distance road riding, it’s important to base your choice on the activity you will do the most.

thanks guys!

anything extra i should get? (other than safety equipment) such as lube/grease/other things?

also, my inseam is 31 inches, should i go for the 300 or 400mm?

The K1 clearance is still going on at makais.com

These are supposedly the stronger frames.
k1 Green Spirit
k1 Black Domina [Cheapest, but I think they’re all the same besides different designs…]
k1 Alien Backflip

I bought the black domina, and it is SWEET. THe pedals are super super grippy though, so if you want to do street and pedal grabs and stuff, buy a $10 dollar pair of plastic pc pedals like these. The pedals they come with are like $100 dollar pedals, and I put them on my 24 muni and they’re amazing.

Then there are also the devil frame K1’s which are cheaper, but supposedly have a bit weaker frame as well according to other riders.

They look like this, and you can see a bunch of them when you search keyword: unicycle

Also a tip: Whenever ordering online from places like this, upon checkout there is often a spot for coupon codes. Go to google and search makais.com coupon codes and you might find some sweet coupons to help you lower the price or knock shipping off.

If you’re going for street and trials, your seat will probably be lower, so 300 should be fine. But if you’re worried, and it isn’t any extra cost, just get 400 and cut it down as you need to.

A good pair of shinguards and gloves can go a long ways in building your confidence as you learn to ride. Also helmets are always a good idea. I use Kris Holm Pulse gloves and 661 4x4 shin guards.

i’ll look into them. do you know the specs for the uni?

The specs I know for my black domina.

Black domina frame 20"
k1 135mm street cranks
butterfly pedals
try-all tire
try-all seatpost
k1 seat (a street/trials seat)
k1 double bolt clamp

Koxx-One (k1) is up there in quality with Kris Holm 20" uni’s, and the topic of which is better comes up often (as far as their 20" line goes)

thanks a ton! i decided on the green spirit.

A good choice, I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed. But I will reccomend getting some pc pedals.

If you haven’t ordered already, I’m sure other people will chime in. It’s still pretty early in the day where I am, and there’s forum members from all over the world here who get on at different times.

i won’t be able to order until tuesday at the earliest (waiting for some checks to clear)
i’ve been looking and it seems to hold up quite well. i am officially excited.

You might want some bike shorts. There’s almost no padding on those seats. You’ll likely be sore no matter what you do, but bike shorts will help.

great choice on the uni!
i’d recommend getting some gloves and shinguards like these or

and a helmet is not a bad idea either :slight_smile:

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