What is the most comfortable saddle for muni+ sum distance riding?

I want to get a 24" Nimbus so first, is this a good unicycle to get. At the moment, I have a cheap unicycle off ebay and want to upgrade to a bigger wheel and an off road uni, is this a good unicycle to get. (I can’t afford to get a kris holm.)

So I was going to get this and then a kris holm fusion freeride saddle. Is this good for off-roading and long distance, or should I stick with the nimbus saddle that comes with it. Also, should I upgrade to KH ISIS cranks, or just stick with the stuff that comes with the nimbus?

Thanks alot everyone!

The KH fusion freeride seat is alot more comfy than the Nimbus for long distance, but I think the Nimbus is still really good. If you upgrade to the KH cranks, you will not have any problemes, you can start with the normal nimbus cranks but they will bent eventualy because of jumping with them. The KH cranks are unbreakable.