What is the most comfortable saddle for muni+ sum distance riding?

I want to get a 24" Nimbus so first, is this a good unicycle to get. At the moment, I have a cheap unicycle off ebay and want to upgrade to a bigger wheel and an off road uni, is this a good unicycle to get. (I can’t afford to get a kris holm.)

So I was going to get this and then a kris holm fusion freeride saddle. Is this good for off-roading and long distance, or should I stick with the nimbus saddle that comes with it. Also, should I upgrade to KH ISIS cranks, or just stick with the stuff that comes with the nimbus?

Thanks alot everyone!

I’ll presume that you’re talking about the Nimbus Muni, not the Nimbus II. That Muni is very good and a popular choice. It will be plenty strong but heavier than the KH 24.
There’s a review thread about the Nimbus Venture cranks here somewhere. They got very good reviews and would be a good starting point. Unless you start doing big drops you may never need to upgrade them. Personally, I went for a pair of double hole KH’s on my Nimbus 26" but I had a few extra bucks in the budget at the time.
I think the consensus here is that the KH Freeride seat is most comfortable, but it’s still a matter of choice and some prefer the Nimbus Gel. Pretty hard to say which one will be most compatible with your posterior.


I recently got a Nimbus 24" MUni with the Nimbus Gel saddle and Venture cranks. The saddle appears to use the KH 2009 base (it has the KH signature and hex bolts at the attachment points), so it seems that the two would be pretty similar with the main differences being the drawstring cover and center channel cutout in the foam on the KH. The Venture cranks seem very solid. I imagine it’ll be a long while before I can attempt anything that will put enough force on the cranks to potentially bend them.

I have been riding on the nimbus X 24 on and off road. It came with the nimbus gel seat… I had to replace that seat quickly as I found it very uncomfortable (especially coming from the KH freeride seat on my previous cycle). Picked up the 08 freeride saddle from udc and have been riding in comfort ever since, I really love that seat. Suprised they didn’t stick their rediculous UDC badges all over it!

I was looking on unicycle.co.uk and it says there that that the nimbus muni weighs 6.7 kilos and the KH 24 weighs 6.9 kilos:



I may have got this wrong and looking at the wrong thing, can someone confirm.

That may be true. The KH frame is a bit lighter than the Nimbus, but the KH comes with Moment cranks, which are much heavier (and stronger as well mind) than the ones on the Nimbus (which AFAIK comes with QuAx cranks, but may possibly be Nimbus Ventures now). The cranks may be enough to make the KH slightly heavier than the Nimbus. The heaviest parts apart from the frame are the tyre, saddle and cranks. The tyre is probably the same (both will be Duro 3"), the saddles will be pretty similar, so the cranks are the biggest difference (and moments are really heavy). The KH adjustable seatpost is also a bit heavier than the Nimbus fixed alloy one.