What is the heaviest thing you've ever carried while riding your Uni?

Once I got a car battery to the auto parts store while riding my 26" Nimbus Muni… I’ve also carried an 8’ ladder on my shoulder while riding on a construction site!

It wasn’t very smart, but I carried my very fat cat on my 24" Schwinn.

I have carried about 20 pounds of backpack 5 3/4 miles to school on a 20" Toker LX.

I carried my MUni while riding my 36er for about a mile. I also had my backpack on with lots of stuff inside, including my entire ucc setup and about 80 oz of water. On the way back I rode my MUni and rolled the 36er in front of me while I pedaled. Took longer but was a lot lighter. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will post for for my little brother who carried a big box from the post office to our house. He was ridding a 20" also. Whenever one of us goes to the post office we usually take our unis, it’s so much more fun that way.

Btw I have ridden a few feet with a 60 or 70 pound little kid on my back.

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A refrigerator…full of food. Ice trays were full, too.


Cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would either be when i road my 24" bedford light duty and carried my bedford hardcore trials uni with a backpack on comatining:water, 3 granola bars, digital camera+SD cards, ipod, shin gaurds, gloves and my shirt (took it off because i was hot at the time) orrr a year ago when i carried my 6 foot long and v ery thick bo staff and my sai, each in their cases with my packpack on containing my karate gi (uniform), belt and once again, my shirt. the bo and sai were harder to carry tho, because the bo’s weight kept making me sway and made it hard to ride on the sidewalk without making people jump outof the way…the cars didnt like it either when i tried riding on the road instead

I’ve carried (at different times) a box of pears, and two bags of food.

Not heavy, but, as a kid I would ride my 20" schwinn while holding and using my ventriliquist doll… Worse UPD I ever had was doing this while riding downhill

a week’s worth of groceries for a family of 5 about a mile

Heaviest thing has to be my kid’s 12" bike after he decided he would rather walk home from our ‘bike’ ride. :roll_eyes:

I can picture the puppet as you were losing control – arms spread wide, eyes rotating round and round, and “WAHHOAAAOOHHHAAAAAA!”

For me:

  • One adult
  • Two kids
  • Camera bag plus another bag with two heavy photo albums and a bunch of other crap, and a second 24" unicycle while riding a 24" unicycle about a mile from the Unicon XIII gym to the dorms. In the rain.
  • 25-pound bag of dogfood on Schwinn Giraffe (from supermarket to house); easy riding; extremely difficult mount!

My list of heavies:
50 bottles of beer in a huge backpack
One 70 lb child for a short distance
An 8-foot wide old-school roll-up movie projection screen
A chainsaw
A shotgun
Several bags of groceries in a huge backpack
A giant bag of garbage from a party we had
A bike
an empty and then a full propane cylinder
Best one: I tried to buy a 40 lb cylinder of Argon gas at the local weldling supply place and haul it home in a backpack on my uni, but the welding supply guy went all “good-citizen” and showed me the compressed gas industry equivalent of their “scared-straight” program: pics of horribly exploded cars and trucks from other tank transport goofs/mishaps and said if I really were going to uni home with it, he couldn’t sell it to me. I tried to convince otherwise, but had to come back with a car for that one.

I carried a small chinese girl on my back, didn’t get far, but my mate did a lot better, sure there is a vid about…

here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7155844155684129692&ei=B1SbS9enLZyB-Abc_JSZDQ&q=owe+unicycle&view=3#
its towards the end

A kayak. 38 miles.

I live 25 miles from work and I cannot picture riding in… At least not till I buy a 36 and then only on nice days.
How long did this take and what size Uni?

The Kinetic Sculpture Race is 3 days; the longest day is only about 20 miles on road (although it’s another 1.5 miles of paddling). I did it on an Endomorph (26x3.7"), and the long day took me maybe four hours.

Bet no one gave youe any smart a$$ comments when you were riding with the shotgun!

wtf.i wanna see pictures of that :smiley:
thats too crazy