What is the difference?

i wanted to know what is the difference between the Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Cycle 2007 and the Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Cycle 2008? :thinking:

the 08 has a stronger crown!

the kh 08 is new, and has previous strength/weight problems solved.

…and it has a long neck option (for some the clamp got in the way when doing foot on frame tricks), as well a double crowned long neck option.

Also the rim’s holes are now oval, making the rim stronger.

ok thanks for the info everybody.:smiley:

could you explain?

All the info relevant for the stock 2008 KH 20s.

From Kris Holm website

The new KH trials has:

  1. New hot forged bolt-on seatpost. The fixed (bolt-on) posts have a one-piece forged plate and collar that eliminates the weld at the join between the post and the plate, where the post commonly broke. The plate is variable thickness with thicker aluminum (7 mm) in high stress areas. Forging the post also means that it can be strong while keeping a clean design without any sharp edges to get in the way or cause finger damage. The post is standard on the KH20.

  2. Stronger machine-butted seat tubes on KH frames. All KH frames now have machined seat tubes with thicker sidewalls at the crown weld, to improve strength at the join.

  3. Fork crowns are all lowered slightly, to improve fit over the tire.

  4. Improved rims. All rims now have offset spokes for increased strength. The 19” rims now have oval-pressed holes to increase the amount of metal around the spoke eyelets.

  5. New Odyssey Trailmix pedals. Significantly lighter than the original JC pedals but still very strong. Unlike most pedals they have full-strength replaceable pins on the two outside pins- the ones that usually get the most abuse. A 6 mm hex can also be used to re-tighten the pedals on the cranks, eliminating the need to carry a pedal wrench on a ride (although a real pedal wrench works better if available), and the space for the pedal wrench has been widened to accept a standard shop wrench or crescent wrench.

  6. KH20 now ships with two pairs of pedals- Odyssey Trailmix and Odyssey plastic Twisted pedals.

and the KH trials is available in longneck and doublecrown versions


Edit: Tut Conrad beat me to it by 5 minutes

The difference is just great enough that if you own an '05, '06, or '07, you feel like you need to upgrade to the new ‘08. However, the difference also leaves enough room for more ‘improvements’’ in '09 and '10.

Planned obsolescence is the name of the game.

This game does, however, ensure that new technologies/improvements are consistently developed - but also places restrictions on such technologies - they can’t be developed too fast, or there will be no more improvements for next year’s model!

I could be wrong, maybe the unicycle industry is small enough that it hasn’t “sold out” yet to this marketing scheme…but I don’t cling to much hope. If it hasn’t, it won’t be long…

That being said, I think I may upgrade to the '08 KH29 in the coming months, money-situation permitting :slight_smile:

I just purchaes an 07’ and spend cough $415 and I do not feel that an upgrade is nessicary for the price you can get the 07’s. What I feel the 08’s do for me is give a place to upgrade to when my stuff brakes :slight_smile:

is the kris holm unicycle on bikeisland.com a 2008?

I guess it’s a 2007

It’s a 2007.
I know cause my friend got his from there.