what is the difference in uni types?

i just wanted to know what is the difference between a trails uni and a rough terrain uni? :thinking:

not sure what you mean but:

Muni: Mountain unicycling, often with 24" for more speed

Freestyle: 20", doing tricks like wheelwalk, onefoot wheelwalk, coasting, etc.

Flatland: 20" Rolls and wraps etc…

Trials 20" High hops, long hops, over obstacles…

Street 20" Flip tricks, spin tricks, in the street, down stairs etc.

36/29" goes a lot faster and is better if you want to put some distances on your wheel…

I’m guessing the you saw this on udc web site???

muni= rough terrain

Looking for some guidance…

I am interesting in pursuing both the Muni and Touring sects of the sport. Up until now i have just been farting around on a 20" Trials Uni. Now my question, i was thinking of getting a 24" Kris Holm’s and a Coker. Could I substitute a Kris Holm’s 29" for both?

Sorry For questioning on your thread. i went and got my own.

no problem.:stuck_out_tongue:

nah… i’ve got a 29er myself, it’s too big for serious muni and it’s too small for touring :roll_eyes:

Are you sure you didn’t misread it and it said “trials”? I’d say 80% of the time I see this question that’s the case. If it is, trials is jumping and drops and riding skinnies. A good example of this would be to youtube search Joe Hodges. Rough Terrain pretty much means Muni which is short for mountain unicycling. A good example of this would be to youtube search Kris Holm.