What is the difference between street & trials uni?

As above, could anyone tell me what street unicycling is compared to trials unicycling, I’m not very clear.

Read here for the current definition of the competition event:

This proposal just passed, so it will be part of the next IUF Rulebook. So Street is doing the stuff listed in there. It can also be more than that, but that’s what we have at the moment.

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whts the actual diffrence between a street unicycle and a trials unicycle not the diffrence between the styles

They are fairly similar. You are not necessarily limited to one or the other with one type of unicycle but here are some things to consider:

Weight versus durability: Trials rims are typically drilled to minimize weight, but you sacrifice some strength. Street rims are heavier duty for taking the constant abuse of drops.

Cranks: Typically, trials riders use 137mm length for more leverage while street use shorter cranks. I’m not sure as to the exact reasons for this, but I notice a lot of riders doing it. Perhaps more experienced riders can enlighten us. Does it make flip tricks easier?

Pedals: This may be preference as well, but you would never want your feet to come away from your unicycle in trials. Alloy pedals with metal pins would be ideal to stay glued to your unicycle. For street riding, I would run plastic pedals with relatively less grip if you’re going to be doing flip tricks, etc.

I’m not the most experienced rider, so maybe other people can fill in what they do differently for street and trials.

is there anywhere where i can get a cheap(around 200$) street

most people like short cranks for flipping easier. I really cant tell the difference that much at all but i prefer 125’s for riding street. The reason why is because i can go faster and still have control over the uni and because it saves weight. I also like shorter cranks because i dont have to move my feet as far when doing tricks.

KH drilled rims and the Nimbus trials rim (old KH) are the same strength. I think most street riders use a trials, mostly w/ shorter cranks. Those who want a stronger wheel can use 13G or even 12 Gauge spokes or a solid Try-All rim (I’d do the stronger spokes).

Some street riders prefer larger wheels 24, 26 or even 36" (check out Brian O’s 36er street/Muni vid).

Check the trading post forum.
New, you are looking at $300 (other colors are a bit more $), although I’d recomend ubgrading the cranks for $25.

Well as a street rider I personally choose to save weight over durability. I have a 32 hole rim and I just make sure I true my wheel often.

The lighter the unicycle the easier it is to do tricks. But I don’t go too “big” when it comes to street.

how bout a knoxx one white russian unicycle