What is the difference between a regular unicycle and a squid unicycle?

Hello there,
I have a 10 year old…what unicycle shoudl I by for him: the regular or the squid?

I would say the regular two-tube fork design would be best. The squid style has too much extra metal and more places to hurt your knees on.

Depending on his height, you may want a Torker CX 16" or 20". Definitely better than that squid monstrosity.

Pardon my ignorance but what’s a squid unicycle?

I’m assuming this monstrosity.


To answer your question,
-Decently priced at $50 (you get what you pay for)
-It has a cool looking (yet totally unnecessary) frame design
-Made by Mongoose (not a unicycling company)
-Weighs a ton
-According to Amazon reviews, they ship with wrong parts or without parts entirely
-Other unis like the Torker LX and CX are much better options

Edit: I forgot to mention that I personally haven’t ridden this unicycle but can tell that the Torker lx will easily be a stronger match than this. I would buy your son a Torker CX or LX (or even a no name brand unicycle will probably be better than the squid as well)

The Squid will work for learning to ride and riding but there are more than several better alternatives.

Hope this helped answer your question.

if you can afford it, get the torker lx, if this is out of your price range, the cx is also decent, however it is well worth the small price difference for the lx. it would definitely be one of the best options. (sun unis are similar in price to the torker lx, however the components are more similar to the cx; lower strength and less quality for your money)

haha, i want a squid now, just so i can cut out 2 of the legs, and have a trippy-looking frame. (i’m thinking the front right, and back left legs)

do it! that would be sweet.

maybe mongoose would sponsor me if i did that :wink: