What is the deal with UDC Canada?

I’ve just had my 3rd really bad experience with these guys today. Has anyone every actually bought anything from them? Today was my 3rd failed attempt to purchase something from them.

After not replying to any of my emails, I finally called to ask the length of the brake line that comes with a particular brake kit. The phone rang for a long time, and finally some guy that sounded like he’d just woken up told me that he didn’t know the length of the line and that “you can just look it up like anyone can.”

The information about the product on their website is very minimal and doesn’t include the length of the line. I asked him if he could just go and check, and his reply was, “I’ve already answered your question.” So I said, “Wow! That’s it huh?” and he just repeated that he’d already answered my question, told me to have a nice day and hung up on me!

What is goin’ on here? Something is up with this store. They don’t seem to want to sell anything. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a customer experience this bad. I could understand having one off day, but this is the 3rd time they’ve basically told me to go and @#$% myself, in so many words. They’ve already lost over $1,000 in sales with me. How can a business operate like this? I’m also surprised that UDC would allow a store this bad to carry their name.

I’ve never called but have sent several messages over the past 9 months and never received any responses.

Definitely not a positive experience for you there. While I can’t speak for the operators of UDC Canada (I don’t know who operates it), I know a little about the business of selling unicycles. For a country like Canada, it’s probably not enough to make a living from, and likely necessitates a second source of income (or is one). Not that this is an excuse for poor customer service.

I definitely wouldn’t blame you for shopping elsewhere at this point, and for sharing your experience here. If they want to do well, they’ll need to be more responsive to customers…

why do you keep going back after getting bad service?

I would suggest complaining to the owner, but that’s probably who you were talking to. They won’t be around long with that attitude.

Probably because there are not a lot of choices…

That’s a good point. Also, I just realized most customer’s experiences with a company like that are shopping on the webpage, clicking a few buttons and then a box shows up on the doorstep a few days later. As long as there are no problems with the order, most customers would never know about an owner or salesman with that kind of an attitude. Asking a question before buying something, well, that’s outrageous! “It’s dot com … that means put your money in the slot, take your unicycle, and don’t ask any stupid questions while I’m trying to take a nap!” :smiley:

I’ve never been able to do business with them, but every so often I’ve tried when the price is right. I’ll never try again, but I’m curious to know what’s going on (their business model baffles me), and I would also hope that word would get to the right people (who would I contact?) that strange things are afoot at the UDC Canada store. :frowning: In all honesty, I’d love to see them fix the issues. I love this sport, and without reliable retailers to sell us good products, it can’t move forward with much momentum.

Agreed. I normally don’t need to contact sellers. A good retail site includes basic product info so buyers don’t need to contact them and/or they’re responsive to email inquiries about purchases. My last resort was contacting them by phone. If they had included basic product info or replied to my email confirming the length of the brake line, they’d have my money in their bank now, and I’d be clicking “update” every few minutes on the courier tracking website to see where my package is. As it is now, I’m clicking that update button on Amazon instead for about half the cost.

You are not the first one I hear for bad experiences. I’ve always had good though. I once received the wrong product, and they paid for shipping back and send me the new pieces. I also always get answers to my emails. I dont know if this is because I’m buying bunch of parts for my Flansberrium unis or what, but all my experiences with them were good.

Check out Grin Uni Shop in Vancouver, they have pretty good customer service and lots of parts available :slight_smile:

If it’s for a disk brake, I suggest going to your local bike shop, you’ll have better options than what’s available at most UDCs :wink:

I met Peter before he got the UDC franchise. At the time he was already working two jobs, and I don’t think he quit his other stuff. This is a side business for one guy, not a large store. I’m not saying that its an excuse for poor customer relations, but it might put things into perspective.

I have also been disappointed with communications with him in the past, but no issues with the ordering process or shipping.

Personally when I am looking for technical information on a unicycle specific part I go to the UDC UK page, and ask there if need be. For bike stuff I google the manufacturers website.

Thanks for the info. I wondered if that might be the case.

I try to find information wherever I can from multiple websites and resources. The issue is that I can’t always tell if it’s the same product, especially if it’s bundled. What from I found, there was some variation in what was included in the bundle between different sellers, and I needed to be sure.

Thank for the tip about Grin Uni. I’ll have to check them out.

Impact Unicycles was sold to UDC a while ago
UDC has the monopole over selling Kris Holm products in Canada (and some other places too)
Everything unicycle related except Qu-Ax first goes to UDC Canada then other shops (And Mad4One doesn’t sell here anymore). So even if you don’t buy directly from UDC Canada, you’re still buying from them.

UDC Canada almost always has had a bad reputation. There was even once a time where all unicycle shops in Canada got together to put pressure on KHU not to wholesale only to UDC.

I’m not saying this to try and tarnish UDC Canada’s reputation, I think it the business already has done it to itself. I just think it’s sad to keep seeing messages like this and that its in the hands of someone who doesn’t seem motivated by unicycles anymore.

This is what I was curious about. I appreciate the insight. It makes a lot of sense now.

Bedford unicycles though always better on the phone has always done me right (10 + years). I am about to order from goudurix in a few weeks for some qu-ax products. I so far have placed two orders in my life with UDC.ca and had at least 3 less than positive email exchanges with them about an order or about placing an order…

One of my buddies bought some QU-AX unicycles from Goudurix when he lived in Puerto Rico. He said they were awesome to deal with and even gave him a good deal since it was their 1st time selling to a customer there, and they were thrilled. I also juggle, and a lot of my juggling buddies like ordering from them. They seem to be a pretty good outfit.

I bought my QU-AX from them, no problems at all with shipping to the US or anything else, and when I had a question about frame clearance somebody went and measured it for me. Good experience all around.

I’ve had two very positive experiences purchasing from Goudurix as well, although obviously they don’t carry all the same product lines as the UDC franchises. Also, some Goudurix folks seem to be the ones behind the hilarious Winter Downhill Slalom April Fool’s prank ahead of Unicon 17, made possible by Montreal’s unique microclimate.

Yes, buy Canadian! Or rather, buy Chinese-made, German-branded unicycle products distributed in French Canada! Goudurix people are knowledgeable and have plenty of good stuff, sometimes at much better prices than UDC. I bought a nice set of cranks from them a couple of months ago, when they had a sale. Qu-ax is not generally available in the US, as far as I know, so if there’s something Qu-ax you want, that’s another reason to shop at Goudurix.