What is the current Minnesotan SIDE HOP record?

Hi, just inquiring about this. I dont know where i could find a sort of record.

so, what is the Minnesotan Side Hop record at?

but, anyone know what its at? I wanna know if I’ve broke it, or am going to break it soon.

I dont want “oh, jon atwell lives there” or any off topic stuff. I just want to know what the SIDE HOP record is at, Not rolling. I just want to know what the side hop record is at for the state of Minnesota.


Do you mean sidehops done in Minnesota, sidehops done by Minnesotans anywhere, or maybe people who lived in Minnesota at one time, but no longer do… In other words, what’s your criteria for Minnesota and why do you only want to know for one state?

IN minnesota, by Minnesotans. (not someone coming from cali setting a record at NAUCC here)

i want to know, so i know how i compare to to people in the state.

I dont know If i see jon at a practice Ill try to find out.

Jon does at least 95cm rolling hop.
edit:Oops, I feel stupid. I didn’t read the part about not rolling :

Oh, Jon Atwell lives there. He doesn’t have your security issues.

I can vouch for that. He let me give him a kiss.

Jon’s a swell guy. And he’s one hell of a rider.

I heard of someone from Minnesota that done 284 consecutive sidehops. I don’t know if that’s the record though, but let us know how you compare to that.


Cool, thanks!

again …

but yeah, jons pretty cool.

this isnt what i’m asking. I’m asking side hop height.

+1 (I’ve kissed him too)
Also, Graham I know you don’t want to know rolling hop, but the most Jon has done is 6 (and half) people.

Oh, ok. But out of interest… how many consecutive side hops can you do? Is it close to that or a lot more?


Sounds like he puts out.

You got his phone number?

+1. yeah, jons cool.

uhm… i have no clue? ive never gone for consecutive hopes before. I mean, when i’m practicing and i’m going at it with a low height i normally just jump back onto my jumping platform and go back for the hop. (like 10 times in a row then i end up bailing because i get bored with it)

Yeah, somewhere.

since when are we doing state records?
i thought those only applied when like 10,000 people competed in a single state…

ok, i’ll stop saying it like that

I think state records are totally pointless.
records in countries are cool… but not enough people keep track well enough to have state records, and there are no associations that keep track of and set rules for state records.

Since never. But by living in Minnesota, home of the largest unicycle club in the United States, unibikeling is not making it easy for himself. There are lots of reeeely, reeeely good riders in MN!

Oh and apparently he doesn’t want to know what Minnesota’s finest riders do if they happen to be outside the state, like at Unicon or FLUCK or something…

i know there are no associations, thats why i was asking here lol.

yeah, kinda the point of asking.


I would neg you so much for this.

Me too. I need to log in so your posts will disappear.

Jon jumped over me at NAUCC, so thats, like 5’ of height. Cause im fat, and he had to clear my big belly, same with Spencers big belly, and Phils big bellys. There were a lot of big bellies, and he cleared them all. Like, sometime of flying god…with wings…and a jet pack.

Seriously though, id guess 1m is easily done by someone in your state, and even a bit more than that.