What is the CFG Track Monster?

I’m new to unicycles (current ride is a Nimbus II) and I’m looking to get a Muni in the next month or so. I’ve been looking at the 24" and 26" Nimbus models, but I also see really good prices on “Track Monsters” and “White Russians” (24" models). Are these unicycles comparable in quality to the Nimbus models? Are there any major drawbacks? Who manufactures these models? Thanks.

They are Koxx-One. Good uni’s. I own a track monster (same as white russian). The frame has no brake mounts, and it is prone to dings. I don’t see the frame lasting too long. Also the seats they come with are NOT for muni. So a KH seat is going to add + 65$ and if you decide you want brakes down the line, a nimbus frame is + $65, and don’t forget cost of shipping. The cranks that come standard are 160mm, which is a little longer than what most people like on their 24" muni. I got mine for $160. But if you have to pay over 200$ initially, might as well go with the nimbus.

The K1 Track Monster actually does come with brake mounts.


The same unicycle is on sale here for $218 with free shipping.

However, it may not come with brakes.

EDIT: Oops, sorry, it is out of stock. :angry:

Nope Terry, the ones on sale do NOT come with brake mounts. You know, you’ve seen mine!

Thanks for the information guys. When I first started looking, I was seeing some prices in the $160 for the 24" models, but I didn’t act as I was not sure of the quality. Now the only prices I’m seeing are $200+, so I guess I’ll go with the Nimbus. Besides the quality issue, my son and I have some extra cranks of different lengths, so sticking with Nimbus will assure compatibility with those and other parts.

Just a suggestion but don’t give up on the Track Monster saddle too quickly. I agree that stock it is rough to sit on. I took the cover off, cut a huge groove in the foam down the center and replaced the cover. Now I really like it for muni. It’s very firm and flat so some of your weight actually ends up on your “sit bones”, resulting in less taint pain.

I’m still in search of the ultimate saddle for me but this one works better than any other I’ve used. If anyone is throwing theirs out, send them to me. I’ll put them to good use. :wink:

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That’s why I’ve had my doubts as to whether the "K1"s on sale are the same as the much higher priced K1’s on Renegade. Apparently they are not.

I think the renegade juggling ones are actually an earlier model. The decals are not the same either.

Not sure about that, but my guess is they’re also superior quality to the glut of unis that have/had been everywhere online, under the K1 and other names.


What other names?? They’re K1 Terry. Don’t you think in all these months that we might have heard otherwise? People typically don’t let others make copies of their products and sell them on overstock sites.

They could all be factory seconds, but that doesn’t mean they are in any way lower quality as far as functionality and durability goes.

Renegade juggling was selling the track monster at that price with brake mounts way before the sales even started.

A lot of online sellers are not specifying the manufacturer as “K1” or “Koxx 1”, but instead are using the model names only. Some are identifying the manufacturer or company as “CGF”. It could be that these particular unis are a lower end version of the actual K1, but again, that’s just speculation as to why prices could be so low, at least compared to Renegade.

Others have said it could be because K1 wanted to get rid of these older models at rock bottom prices, just to blow them out, to make room for all new inventory. Whatever the reason, they still seem to be a decent uni at a great price. Btw, Meijer.com is back to those super low prices again.

Yeah they’ve had em back for a while now. but not the same variety as originally

Yeah, I have no use for a 20" (or 19") uni at all. In fact, I’ll probably be selling my KH trials soon. I just don’t use it anymore.

I still like doing tricks on the 20" though, wheel walking is so much fun!!

I called CFG for a missing seat tube shim after I got my Track Monster from Meijer. The customer service was excellent. I had the part in two days no charge for shipping.

The guy I spoke to said that the facility that made the unis had stock left that Koxx did not need. Those facilities are not built to warehouse product, it’s manufactured and goes directly into the container. CFG was able to take them off their hands at a large discount. That’s why they are available at such low prices. I am very impressed with the quality. The 24"x3" Duro alone would cost me $55 plus shipping. I got the whole thing shipped for $170. I thought seriously about buying a second as a spare.

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I have almost bought a 24 for a spare but i am saving up for a 26 :slight_smile:

You should also note that the White Russian 24" Muni has 140mm cranks, so if you don’t want 160mm cranks you could buy the White Russian instead.

So I have some extra cranks from my Nimbus II (Qu-ax ISIS cranks). Will they fit the white russian/track monster?