What is the best trick you have ever seen?

Ok i’m really bored so, tell me what is the most impressive thing you have ever seen on a unicycle either live or in a video,
The smiler walk thing I think is pretty cool, well that is an understatement
also in simon wells freestyle routine I think it is he sideways ww so fast and for a long distance it looks really cool. also the wall plant things that people do these days, still haven’t managed to learn

Cheers Lucas

Personally, I find wrap-arounds really awesome
Like the Hispanic guy in Defect (I could be wrong)

double flip sexchange-shaun johanesson

The bike-rack hops by Xav Collos in the Barcelona video, the coolest trick ever!

well i like to see amazing falls just as much as amazing tricks… so i think the best thing i saw was in defect when trying to grind that 16 stair…

720 uni spin in the gallerys somewhere here or double flip in Defect

720! phew, id love to see that! :astonished:

the 720 is on www.unicyclist.org. shaun is the only one whos ever landed one.

Julien Monney, saddlestand.

But my all-time #1 remains Reino’s inverted ultimate wheel (with hands) on a slack rope.

Also, Mell Hall’s inverted riding of a 9 footer is only super-amazing when combined with the freemount that went with it.

Haven’t seen any of them, but I know they’re all real.


I’ve never done the doubleflip sex change, but I will today i guess, lol. Not too tricky but it needs alittle time. Coolest trick, hmmm, Kevin Mc’s onefoot 7 set, or some of Dan’s Flatlanding stuff. Rad stuff.

-Shaun Johanneson

Some of the flatland that Dan does in the first part of Defect…I think he does a Donkey Kick, and it looks sooo cool.
Also, the Smiley Walk, I think thats what its called…Ryan Woessner’s seat in front backwards wheelwalk.

smiley walk is seat in back wheel walk (what ryan does in the extras of defect and in his unicon 12 routine).

I really like the smiley walk, and Julien Monney’s coasting stuff:
-seat in front stand up coasting (both feet on frame)
-stand up backwards coast
-stand up one foot backwards coast
-coasting standing on the seat

I really like xavier collos flatland stuff too.

The one and only trey flip

Definitly some of the stuff Julien Monney has done tops my list.

I know at least 3 people that have landed 720 unispins. The first was Andy Schwartz, I believe in 1998.

I didn’t know there was a hispanic guy in Defect… :thinking: :slight_smile:

Yeah the hispanic guy, the one that did the superwrap at the very first? ummm Dannylito Heatonia?



Watching my son ride away for a half block for the first time. Tom Blackwood hopping up three stairs for the first time. Irene Genelin standup one-foot wheel walking a MUni in the dirt downhill. Kris Holm sideriding a MUni on asphalt. JC sidehopping up the “elevator” in Big Finn Hill state park both directions. Ryan Atkins doing an eight foot drop to flat on my SH MUni. Lloyd’s impromptu street riding at Cali MUni weekend 2005. Roger Davies one-foot wheel walking a Coker. Kris Holm gliding down a hill on a MUni so fast smoke was pouring off of his tennis shoe. David Maxfield winning a grant from Balance Bar for his stunning essay. Rocket riding a two wheel stack for the entire Torchlight parade in Seattle. Bruce Dawson’s back…about the only part I ever see of him. JC, Nathan Hoover, or Kris Holm climbing the fireroad to the Northshore Trails like they are out for a casual stroll. Christian Hoverath riding uni.5. Brian MacKenzie doing trials on a 36" ultimate wheel. Jesse Berg’s and Daisy Ponce’s pairs performance at NAUCC in Minneapolis in 2003. Alan Tepper entering and competing in a unicycle event. Andy Cotter riding BlueShift in 43" mode the entire length of the Iron Horse Trail without even warming up.

Watching anybody I’ve just met nail something they’ve never done before; anything at all.

I forgot to mention watching Tom Jackson push a tree over on a MUni ride. Incomparable power there.

Dan heatons 540 hoptwist on flat in defect!!

I relized that I haven’t answered the actual question.

Hickdoubleflip-Shaun Johanneson.

Someday maybe me. :slight_smile:


Dans donkeykick in defect got my attention.

But the best or most amazing stuff I’ve witnessed is prob unicyclistjoe casually riding along a 5-story high narrow rooftop in the middle of the night… um, munimanpete riding a 1.5m high skinny round rail, taking all the falls until he got it!! And his unispin/stillstand on the totally exposed and steep rock above the huka falls - wow!! (huka falls is a narrow gorge and waterfall that reguarly kills kayakers)