what is the best freestyle unicycle

[b]there are alot of freestyle uni’s to choose from but i would like to ask every ones opinion of what the best one out there is.

please offer any knowledge you have on this vast subject.[/b]

Trying to pick the “best” one is going to cause some controversy. :slight_smile:

If I was looking for a new freestyle unicycle I’d be looking at either a unicycle with the new Semcycle XL Longneck frame or if I was feeling extravagant I might go for the DM Ringmaster Advanced Custom <http://www.unicycle.co.uk/CUSTOM.htm>. I like the DMs but they are spendy. Something that both the Sem XL Longneck and DM Custom have over the Wyganowski is that they both will fit a fatter tire than the Wyganowski.

So for a freestyle unicycle on a budget I’d go for something built on the Sem XL Longneck. For freestyle with no regard for the budget I’d go for something built on the DM Ringmaster Advanced Custom frame. Outfit either frame with parts as you see fit.

thats what i had expected,it makes a very good read…

thanx for your thoughts John.the knurled crown on the DM’s is really cool btw.

Re: what is the best freestyle unicycle

The best uni for freestyle is the Steve frame you already have, with a different rim and tire setup. Sorry man, I’m still choking up over the fact you could let such a thing go… TB

The sems have too much space above the tire to be THE BEST
It’s probably still one of the best freestyle frames out there.

I hear good things about the pichlerrad solo. It is solid and easy to adapt wrt. length of seat tube etc.

Take a look at


The Semcycle XL Longneck has a crown that is much closer to the tire than the standard Semcycle XL.

I do like the look of the pichlerrad unicycles. It’s a clever design. I’m always impressed by them when I see them at the conventions. And the modular design would make it possible to move the crown closer to the tire if needed and put in a longneck seat tube. Unfortunately it would be difficult to get one over here in the USA.

Re: what is the best freestyle unicycle

On Thu, 8 May 2003, jagur wrote:

> there are alot of freestyle uni’s to choose from
> but i would like to ask every ones opinion of what the best one out
> there is.
> please offer any knowledge you have on this vast subject.

I love my mid-90’s DM Ringmaster Pro.


Smooth(ish) BMX Freestyle Tyre @ 75psi
Viscount Saddle
Aluminium DX Pedals


Angled forks for resting feet.
Good tyre for smooth riding, turning, gliding.
Good free-running wheel - low-friction bearings.
Heavy enough to know it’s there.


No foot-grips on the forks - I believe newer ones have these,
or you can use grip-tape.
Heavy, so it can hurt if it hits you on a fall.
I believe the low-friction bearings make coasting slightly
harder - but can’t do it anyway, so can’t really comment.



Freestyle saddles?

What about freestyle saddles? I noticed that so many of the TCUC folks use a Miyata saddle without the air conversion and without the front handle. It would make sense that the air conversion is not necessary for a freestyle uni. Are there special saddle front bumpers just for freestyle or are they regular front bumpers that have been modified? I suppose the handle is not really necessary either as much of the freestyle I’ve seen includes minimal hopping.

The new Velo saddle does not look to be a good freestyle saddle. The contour seems too deep to be convenient for freestyle.

Many of the TCUC folks have colorful covers. I believe were specially made by someone up in Minny some time ago. Am I correct?



The Primo The Wall tire on my Wyganowski is an excellent Freestyle tire. But yes, a wider tire won’t fit. The Wyganowski is ultra strong; suitable for professional use. It should be chrome (or available in chrome), however. I intend to have mine chromed someday, and also possibly experiment with attachments at the crown for foot support. The hard part will be providing the extra support without inhibiting leg passage and wheel walking.

The Sem XL is a good fork shape, but not nearly as durable as the Wyganowski (or a Miyata). Great for the price.

The DMs are also very solid. I like Julien Monney’s, with it’s horizontal, rather than slanted, crown.

For seats, I’m waiting for a Velo bumper without the handle. Kris said he was expecting them to happen, but did not know when. This will then be a great Freestyle seat. It’s not too big or too curved. It’s heavier than some, which could be a drawback for some tricks.

Otherwise, I’d use a Miyata seat, with air, and the front handle cut off.

Rough terrain has been getting all the design and engineering attention. There is plenty of room for improvement in other specialized areas, such as Freestyle, racing, and games.

Speaking purely from personal experience on seats, there is no reason other than personal preference to cut the front of a miyata off. with the new KH without handles, I wouldnt want one unless I have a seatpost mounted handle. I use the handle for various things when freestylin. As for the airseat conversion, I dont have one on either my Muni or my freestyle becuase I loose my seat control when holding the back of the seat (when in front), and neoprene is almost as confortable anyway.

I personally (well hell yes I’m gonna be biased) Love my frame that my dad made me. It’s just CrMo 1" tubing for the fork crown, and seat tube. it’s easy to make, and It provides a good footrest (for various tricks, such as coasting, 1fww, stand up, koosh, gliding) but frames are often a matter of choice, Wyanowski’s are pretty popular, and for good reason. they’re good frames. but Other options are good for less cost. for example, a stock torker frame is identical to a sem XL frame after some quick griding. the Yuni frames are ok, not exactly the most confortable to stand on.

Yes bruce, the colorful seat covers where made by connie’s sister as I understand it, long ago.

Tires, I’v been using a Primo now for a while (almost 2 years) and I dont mind em. I liked the Hookworm better, but they dont come in white.

Interesting! I think you may be the first person I’ve heard who doesn’t have a problem with the handles, and who obviously is comfortable with unispins. I should give my stock seat some more time, and see how it goes. So far, the handle’s in the way…

If anybody wants to make seat covers, I have a roll of cool red fabric. My wife had some diner-style stools re-covered for the diner-style break room at her new office. The material is exactly the same stuff my old “Kat” Cotter cover is made from. Glossy red, with sparkles or metal flake inside. A nice 3D look. Any takers? I have several yards of the stuff…

Irene and Ryan Weossner also run handles on thier seats (yes, they can do unispins)

Cruising around on ebay, I found this Miyata with no handle:


that’s a classic style miyata seat, back from before they had handles at all. some people find them more comfortable, and the quality is good on them aswell.

See …

Leo White (2nd owner of a custom advanced frame)


I hurriedly read to the bottom of this thread to cast my vote for my favorite freestyle uni. I am lucky enough to have one of Max’s daddy’s freestyle rides. It is really beautifully done – a real work of art. I also have a Wyganowski . I think that the Wyganowski might be better if you are doing a lot of crown stands as the crown is larger and is flat on the top but I’m not there as far as skill level yet (ever?).

i got mine from…

i got mine from www.bikewizard.co.uk it may not be a flashy make but who cares? it’s a unicyle and i LOVE IT!:smiley:

Here is a photo of my MaxDaddy!