What is "s"?

I just got into trials unicycling and I was looking for one. I was reading about products and people said things like “I took it off a 3 foot “s”, and it is fine.” Does anyone know what “s” is? Thanks!

I’ve never heard that before… I expect they’re talking about a 3 foot drop in that context, but I don’t know why they call it ‘s’…

You can see what I am talking about here

Looks like a filter took out most of an expletive.

Here’s the actual quote that the person wrote:

I have gone over 60 ‘‘s’’ about a foot or bigger. I LOVE IT!!!

It means they took it off 3 foot drop"s" but for some reason it didn['t show up. It has done that to me before also.,

THats happend to me.Every time you write"drops"it shows up as “s”.It means “drops”.

well then how come it didn’t filter it out when you said it just now? :slight_smile:


because theyre two different websites. you know unicycle.com/unicyclist.com see, different