what is muni?

im new to unicycling and im seeing the word muni and just wondering what it is.

It is simply an abbreviation of Mountain UNIcycling, which is one facet of “extreme unicycling”

It’s a word you type into Google. That usually works, though you might need to look down the list. As of a glance just now, we’re #8, after a bunch of “municipal” stuff, starting with the San Francisco bus/mass transit system, which is also known as MUNI. :slight_smile:

Something like LBS might be harder to Google though. That’s why I always spell it out (local bike shop). But it would be cool if we had a glossary on here. Does one exist for nerdly (as well as functional) unicyclist terms and abbrreviations?

Muni is laughing at mountain bikers as you speed by them laughing as they walk there bikes down sections to techincal for them :smiley:


LMAO I have a pic riding infront of one of those signs :smiley:

While we are at it, I have been here a while but what does LMAO stand for?

Edit: thanks

Wow, he said it…most people are sure to put in the dollar signs ROFL :wink: