What is Kris Holm doing now?

Okay, is this a bunny hop with a little bit of “custom” twist of kris?
or is this a trick of some sort?
either way, i am afraid to try it

IN advance, cheerio chappies:)

sorry, go to www.krisholm.com, and go to gallery, and the last two photos, of him jumping
i forgot to post it

All Kris is doing is a seat out hop, and some of his photos are shot specifically to eccentuate the height, and some have been slightly digitally manipulated to make them look better. Seat out hopping is a skill in itself, mainly used in trials.


Do you mean colour corrected or do you mean “cut kris out and stick him at the top of a mountain” manipulated?

As far as editing goes the only work done to those seems to be color manipulation, what you may be referring to are the pictures taken with ultra wide angle lenses which kind of seem to stretch certain portions of the photographs. Specifically the first two playground pictures, you can see what I mean by looking at the posts of the playground structure, they look bent from the lens http://www.krisholm.com/images/index-Pages/Image7.html. Unless im wrong, and in which case editing those photos in that way would be pretty lame.

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about this one:

That picture was specifically taken for an article about mountin unicycling in a magazine (Mountain Bike?). The photo shoot took an hour or more, with Kris and a few other guys freezing their chests off. Kris normally doesn’t ride shirtless, at least since he acquired loads of sponsors to wear.

The photographer had a very specific type of look in mind, and “bent” Kris, Karl Thompson and a couple of other guys into shape to make the image, which spanned a full two-page spread in the magazine. The background is real (Moab), but the image is clearly distorted, as well as being shot with a very wide angle lens. The color is probably pumped up as well.

It’s a very cool, dramatic shot, and served its purpose well. However I don’t consider it a good representation of who Kris Holm is. To me, this is what a KH nightmare might look like. “Help, I’m flying out of control and my upper body is naked!!” :smiley:

If I had that upper body, I’d be anxious to show it off…

I don’t think he looks as happy as he normally looks. He generally looks very happy, and he has reason to be happy. If I was KH I doubt I would ever stop smiling.

given the time, chuck norris could exeed kris holm at unicycling. or like he could just roundhouse kick the unicycle. either way he still wins right@?@@?@#$?