What is it called?

What is the dirt/gravel mix that is very slipery and ocumalates on downhill singles especially in the dry summer causing plenty of wipeouts called? Is there a special word for it in English? In Hebrew it is called “Darderet” wich means mini avalanche rubble. Just wondering.


Possibly ‘scree’, although this usually reffers to slightly larger loose rocks

Is it a know term in Riders Veranacular?

Is “scree” a widely used term in Bike and MUni veranacular? If I yelled here watch out for the “darderet” any mountain bike riders would slowdown and be carefull. It is probably a much more common issue in places without much topsoil in dry climates. You probably would not have much of this loose dry gravely dirt in England or the appalacians or British Columbia. In Israel you have tons of it in the dry summer. It is not a problem in winter, the rainy season. All of the small stones get embedded into the mud and the mud dries to be almost as hard as concrete. This stuff accumalates as the summer progresses. A lot of riding lossens the pebbles out of the dried mud and then breaks up the dried mud. This stuff then accumalates at curves, ruts and other low spots in the single track. People from Southern California and Arizona and New Mexico probably experience this phenomena a lot.


Not really, but i think most people would undertand that you mean that the ground was very loose if you said that, but can’t say I’ve heard it said often. This is a good exmaple of a scree field, it’s material that is vey loose and will shift constantly when your ride down it. Sorry I can’t think of a more appropriate word.

:astonished: If i ever get my dream unicycle, I’m riding it there (wherever that is) with no stopping/brakes attached to it. :astonished:

I smell a new speed record coming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… ‘it’s loose here, watch out’

Great Downhill

Kington99 - That place in the picture would be a great downhill ride. Not to technical fut a lot of fun. I guess that I will use the word “scree” from now on to describe the slipery places on trails where pebles and loose dirt has accumalated.


I always thought it was called scoria