What is "flat" unicycling?

what is flat unicycling. I figured its a bit like street and freestyle but not quite. what is it can someone explain?

Flat is doing tricks on flat ground… If you do a trick and you leave the ground at all, its not a flat move. But there are many tricks classified as a street and flat trick.

I disagree. I’d say a monkeyflip/donkeykick/bayflip are all flat tricks were you leave the ground.

flat is what street riders do when their mothers won’t let them go any farther from home than the end of the driveway. this sums it up pretty well

No. Xav’s “No Flip in Flat” is a better example. Or any of Spencer’s 4 flat videos.

My father said that flatlanders are street riders with fear of height and ladders… :roll_eyes:

Seriously, watch this video:
Flat Four by Spencer Hocberg

Best definition of pure flatland!..


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I’d consider them to be flat/street tricks. They can all be easily done down a small drop. They can easily be done in street lines.

ok guys… lotso oppinions but iguess its doing tricks on the ground, thx

Basically yeah.

Flatland now has an official definition and description, as it now appears in the IUF Rulebook and will be an event at Unicon this summer in Copenhagen. Here is the summary of the four main types of “artistic” competition from section 3.1:

“There are four types of artistic events: Standard Skill, Freestyle, Flatland and Street. In Standard Skill, riders demonstrate pure skill and mastery on a standard unicycle, by performing up to 18 skills they have pre-selected. Standard Skill judging is based on the point value of the skills and quality of their execution, not the ‘show.’ In Freestyle, riders perform to music, with costumes, props and any kinds of unicycles. Riders are judged not only on skill, but also on how well they entertain and put on a show. There are Individual, Pair, and Group Freestyle events. In Flatland, riders perform with no judging of music and costume, with a higher emphasis on originality and creativity. Street is sort of a cross between Freestyle and Flatland, with the addition of an array of Trials-type obstacles to ride on. Riders are judged on the skill and creativity of moves and combinations they do, using both the flat ground and the obstacles.”

Basically it’s the performance of tricks on a flat surface, with no obstacles to ride on. Also it’s not judged like a show, but more on the tricks themselves, with an emphasis on creativity and originality, which are appropriate as the sport is so new and evolving.

This doesn’t mean the sport will stop changing because one definition has been put down on paper, but this definition will be there for two years, and probably updated for the next Unicon, in about two more years.

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