What is cooler a unicycle or a beach buggy?

I was away at the weekend at a VW rally. I drove the 200miles there in my beach buggy with my trials unicycle strapped to the roll cage. I stopped to get fuel in a service station on the way and a guy walks over and looks the buggy over. He then asked… “how long did it take to learn to ride?”

He definitely picked unicycle, even if it was my crappy trials. :slight_smile:


Is a Beach Buggy this?

I call em Dune Buggys. I think they match unicycles on the coolness scale, Theyre both at attention getters and they conjure up alot of questions in the minds of those who do not understand them. Yes Equal.


Both are great fun to ride, but I would choose the unicycle, they fit me better.

Not really, Roger’s is more like this:

And for their increased practicality, higher costs and ability to turn heads…

Unicycles win hands down :p.


i agree. :smiley:

Uni is cooler.

I may be biased. I struggle to find room for 2 unicycles so I dread to think what trouble I’d get if I tried to sneak a beach buggy in.

This is a rail. It is a beach buggy (or dune buggy) without the fibre glass body. They are cousins. :slight_smile:


A beach buggy is expensive loud and it burns fossile energy. A unicycle requires more skill to begin with, it’s quieter than a bike and it makes you fit…
Let me think which one is cooler…

if any of you play Grand Theft Auto 3/vice city/san andreas a beach buggy is the “BF injection”

Unicycle. Cars are just for going from A to B. Unicycles are for fun. :smiley:


cars are also for recreation as well, thats why they make beach buggy’s and race formula one cars and everything else like that.

i would have to say that they are both even in coolness. beach buggy’s are fun to get around on pretty much everything and they go pretty fast as well. unicycles are good becasue theres no limit to the tricks and theres so many places to go with them.

Unicycle because of the price of petrol (gas to you americans?) these days, i could never afford to run any more internal combustion powered vehicles

…answered your own question;)

Unicycle, because im never gonna have the $$$ for a dunebuggy!

rogers cooler?

i didnt know roger even liked buggies? i’ve been into v,w’s for years! buggies are kinda kool but not so kool that he can take a gopddam day off to go see some when im trying to ring him to order my custom trials! (roger dont give me and of this “i dont work on saturdays” bulls**t)

damyn you roger, dayme you for going to lok at buggies, even if they rock

what vw meet was it by the way?


uhh why not a one wheeled beach buggy (not really)
that would be silly

Pssh! thats like a bear having a knife, or haivng a bike, whats the point!?!

Actually, seeing a bear using a knife would be kinda kool, and bikes are fun to, maybe someday well have a motorized uni that could go about 50mph tops, and be very stable so we could ride on dunes and stuff like that.