What is better

I got normal 24’’ unicycle about 3 years ago, and I am farly good at it. I want to start off roading, but I realized that my unicycle wont cut it, so I want to buy a off road uni. What is a good size tire for doing basic off roading?

A 24x3 for the more aggressive muni riding. A 24x2.6 or 26x2.6 for less aggressive muni where you’re doing more XC (cross country) style riding. A 29er if you’re doing pure XC where you’re going for speed or distance on the trails with minimal technical riding (drops, rock gardens, etc).

I use a 24x3 for pretty much everything muni. Even the long distance XC rides. The 24x3 is the most versatile because it can handle everything although it is not as ideal for the pure XC stuff.

some good beginner Mountain/offroad unicycles would be…

Nimbus 24 Inch
Nimbus 26 inch
Torker Dx 24 inch

some more advanced munis would be

Kris Holm 24 inch Free ride
Kris Holm 24 inch Cross country
Krish Holm 29 inch
Onza 24 inch
Qu ax 24 inch

If you want to ride really rough rocky technical terrain the 24 inch wheel is preffered, if you want to go longer distances on mild less technical off road terrain get a 26 inch or bigger wheeled muni

(i took too long to write this)