what is better??????

what do you think is better the older style kh splined hubs or the new kh onza hub???

As very few people have been out on the new KH onza hub I would say this is a loaded question that no one can answer with any bit of validity. Next time ask something worth while that people can respond to without vague assumptions that have no real grounds for critisism.


i wuz wondering; what’s the difference between splined and norm?

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O.K for the guy who is getting angry about this question I will re-word it if any one has ridden the onza hub and also has ridden the kh hub can they please tell me wich on you think is better:D

i think you missed the point of mike’s post. the 2005 kh/onza hub is brand new. a proper evaluation of a product cannot be made unless it has been used for a decent amount of time. what if the new hub works really well but breaks after a month of riding with it (of course this will not be the case)? i am not even sure that anyone other than kris and a few others have ridden a unicycle with it yet. the only information on the performance of the new hub has been outlined in SEVERAL threads currently on the first or second page of RSU. even though this thread is pointless now, in a few months it may actually be useful. one can assume that the newer hub will better, because it is created as an improvement upon the old one. but this will not be determined for several months until plenty of riders have the chance to test it out.

And another thing… Please try to title your threads with more descriptive titles. “What is better???” doesn’t give you much of an idea of what the thread contains.

look in the threads before you ask :roll_eyes: . i asked this a couple days ago http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36763