what is better a 32" or a 29"

Hi is a 29" uni a huge differance in speed from a 36" and with a 36" uni can you still do mild Muni?

these are the 2 im looking at

Nimbus Titan 36"
Nimbus 29" Touring uni with ISIS hub

im looking for speed but maybe a lil muni also but mainly to keep up with people on bikes for long rides and not having to die trying lol

any help would be Great and thank you very much :slight_smile:

whoops i meant to put 36" in the title not 32" sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

A 29er will almost certainly leave you behind all but the slowest bikers. A 36er will allow you to reasonably ride with casual bike riders.

A 36er does very well on dirt paths, fire roads and gravel. It can roll over roots and rocks provided there aren’t many drops or much hopping required. Trails that would be a problem are those with steep sections (probably not an issue where you are) or low tree coverage (you’re pretty high up).

you won’t be disappointed with the 36er : ) I can tell you that, it’s my only decent (not free) uni, and it was totally worth it : ) I’ve ridden at Paris mountain, but did have to walk a few sections, and kept to the easier riding trails (except for kanuga!! WOOO best trail ever). Riding light muni is fine. Mounting uphill when you have a UPD is a bear, but can be done with a little practice, learning to hop a little on it may help for mounting on the trails : )

as justtysen said, it’s a big leap in speed, enough that you need the larger wheel for riding with bikes : )

you may want a handlebar too if you’re going to go fast or long distance.

Hopefully I will eventually let you all know how a 32 handles the trails.

Someone here has to kick me if I don’t have a 32 built up by the end of summer.

Go for the 36". If you want to ride it down steep twisty trails then I suggest handlebars, a brake and long cranks. With those you’ll be able to handle some pretty technical terrain. A 36" won’t be as nimble as a 24" of course, but if your mountain bike friends can ride it, then you should be able to negotiate that terrain on a 36".


Ha, seriously? That would be great. But how would you get the rim and the tire done? I would love to try a 32" if I could.

Ha! Maybe it’s true as a deontic statement. :roll_eyes:

It has been a “work in progress” since 2008

I have since cut the rim but failed to re-pin it as a 32 hole 32" rim. I bought a 48 hole hub for it but it might go to another project now.

I talked about it somewhere else but can’t remember the tread.