what is an easily pocketable tool for pedal tightening

I have the 15mm torker pedals… is there a good tool which will tighten them and still fit in your pocket? a multifunction would be best, with a spoke tightener and allen wrench… most bike multifunctions I’ve seen are closed head and wont fit around the pedal bolts… :thinking:

Well, if you’re going on a ride or something, all you would need to have is a few pockets/a smal backpack, and you;d just need a wrench.

I always carry a Gerber cooltool. It has a very thin adjustable spanner which is ideal to get in the gap twixt pedal and crank. Also comes with spoke tightener, allen keys, cross head screwdriver, chain splitter and crank remover. It all comes in a nifty pouch which can strap on to your seatpost too.

exactly what i was looking for. thanks!