What is a UPD?

This is a dumb question that I have, and I have thought long and hard about this Abbr. but I can’t figuare it out. :angry: (If you read it after someone has already answerd it, don’t write anything.)

unplanned dismount (falling)

falling by accident, not because you failed at a trick or something.

Ha ha, I get it. Thanks.

We’re trying to popularize the more specific term LAD: Lame-Ass Dismount. That’s when you UPD for no apparent reason. Or you clean the gnarly downhill MUni section and then come off rolling over a pebble.

You plan to not land tricks. Last time I checked failing tricks is unplanned. There is however the occasional ditch the uni and flail to the ground, which is a bit more planned than the typical fall.

I think failing a trick counts as a UPD, if you don’t fall to the ground.

I think the big distinction between an UPD and a fall is with a UPD you stay on your feet, If you don’t stay on your feet you fell, good and proper.

I dont know about this.

“I UPD’d going 15 mph and tumbled onto the ground.” Is that not proper to say?

to me that sounds more like a crash

I don’t think it was a UPD that ended up with me needing major reconstructive surgery on my shoulder, I definitely crashed going 30km/h.

I have had some good falls doing MUni leaving me far from my wheel on some downhills.

But it’s all semantics and doesn’t really matter.

Think of it like this: a dismount is when you get off the unicycle into a standing or slightly walking/jogging position. A planned dismount is when you do this on purpose. A UPD is when you do this accidentally. The difference between a dismount (planned or unplanned) and a fall is the position you are in after the action. Dismount = standing/walking/jogging whereas a fall = rolling, breaking, knocking down trees, uncontrolled running, etc.

yeah I agree, the whole point of the term UPD is that ‘falling off’ doesn’t make sense if you didn’t actually fall over.

I agree with the D meaning landing on your feet bit. If you don’t land on your feet, it’s certainly a fall.

However, I think a USD is required too. An Un-Scheduled Dismount will occasionally happen when I’m riding and not planning to dismount, however, something unexpected happens (ie car pulls out in front of me), and my immediate reaction is to dismount without any notice. It’s intentional, hence not a UPD, but not exactly part of the agenda.


Re: What is a UPD?

A UPD is a controlled dismount, just one that you didn’t choose to
make. That is, you realise you’ve lost control before any bystander
would, and gracefully dismount. A non-rider, at least, wouldn’t know
it wasn’t intentional.

If you are thrown off and have to stagger ten paces but manage to stay
on your feet, it ain’t a UPD.

What’s with all these Junior Websters’ in here? I suppose if we want to track down a real, definitive definition of UPD we’d need to go back to the newsgroup postings of the late 90s or so and read the original ones.

In my mind UPD is a nerd’s way of saying “fell off.” It is two things:

  1. A way of saying you came off the unicycle while suggesting you didn’t lose your footing on the ground
  2. A way of masking your clumsiness with a TLA (three-letter acronym).

If you stack up at the bottom of a hill with your feet in the air, it’s still a UPD. The only thing that would make it not a UPD is if you did it on purpose.

I rarely use it myself. I usually say “fell off” or “dismounted” depending which is appropriate. These work better, especially away from these forums, as I don’t have to then explain what I just said.

Thanks for the polite (and immediately ignored) request that people not post to this thread and soon as you received an answer. You received an adequate response in the first reply. I will continue to bog this thread down with redundant replies. In the link below, David Stone, who is frequently credited with coining the term UPD, comes to an agreement with Sarah Miller as to its meaning. They seem to agree that the rider does not plan to dismount however does land on their feet and runs out without falling down.

The most thorough discussion of the term UPD is here.

gotta chime in … I concur, the term dismount seems to denote a sense of control so I agree with the “land on feet” part". Now on a personal level… I fall, crash, wipeout and basically give blood when not at the red cross!

I correct myself, based on Harper’s post above. UPD assumes the meaning of “dismount” is to come off the unicycle without falling down.