What is a "trials" unicycle?

what is a “trials” unicycle, and how do they differ from other unicycles?

They are uber-awesome, really strong unicycles. Used for doing trials.

Here’s unicycledotcom’s section of trials unicycles.

The main distinction is most Trials Unicycles use a trials tire. Although the tire is 20", like a freestyle uni, the actual tire is taller and wider. It also takes a smaller rim.

A standard unicyle tire is usually 20 x 1.75 to 20 x 2.1. A trails tire is 20 x 2.5. This bigger size gives the tire a lot more bounce for jumping high and better cushion for landing drops. The wider tire also helps when riding skinnies.

Many Trials Unicycles use standard hubs and cranks, which is fine for many light people and kids. The stonger Trials unicycles have solid, splined axles and much stronger splined cranks to withstand the forces of larger drops.

You can do a lot of the skills involved with trials on almost any type of unicycle, but its better with a Trials Unicycle.

Yeah I do trials on my freestyle unicycle and I tell you: the unicycle is not happy about it. Buckled rim, bent cranks, one destroyed set of pedals, bent seat post. Much better not that I have metal pedals though. I’ll get a trials unicycle… one day.