What is a muni tire like on pavement

im getting a muni soon to ride off road but i still want to be able to ride on paved surfaces and do like stairs and stuff like that and i was wondering how a muni tire will handle riding on pavement?

You can definitely get used to it, but it’s never as good as it is on trail. I have a Felt Berm Master 24x3 that is maybe the best tire for combi use. It is great on the street, and while not as grippy as my Intense, it does very will offroad.

In some ways I find the Intense is a little more work to ride even on the trail. It wants to go straight, and the Berm Master is really easy to control. I truly like both tires, and I am currently riding the Intense, but I suspect I will be switching back to the Felt before too long. Now that I’m back to work I am not hitting the trails as much, and the Intense is a better dedicated off road tire.

thanks, i would get a trials uni but i dont want to get another 20" i want to be able to ride the streets and and occasionaly venture off road when i want to i wish they made a 24" trials… :roll_eyes:

The tire on my 26 Muni is absolutely HORRIBLE on the pavement, it’s almost unridable. It’s a Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 26 x 3.0 DH Tire, It does great on dirt, mud, gravel, grass, just not pavement.

I think you’ll want to get a tire that sacrifices some dirt performance for better street use.

A 24" isn’t ideal for trials. 20 is the way to go.

As for tires, if you are only going to be doing hard pack dirt, IMO the Holey Roller is a great tire. The BMX version I had was rather narrow at 24x1.75, but the Holey Roller Urban is a nice 24x2.4.

Great for riding on pavement with the occasional jaunt on hard dirt trails.

I have to say that the Duro is much better on the road than a Gazz you are probably not really looking at a dedicated downhill tire like that anyway if you really want something to be used mostly on tarmac.

From what I heard the berm master would be fairly ideal if you want a nice multi-purpose 24X3 tire.

The 24X2.5 Hookworm is a nice tire that a lot of 24" street riders use.

The stock tire that came with my DX was unridable on the pavement so I put a 24 x 2.4 hookworm on that seems to do both pretty well.


I’ve got a 24 x 3 Gazz that I find totally horrible on the road. Really not a good tyre at all until you get to something a bit more uneven.

I’ve also got a 24 x 2.5 Hookworm that is fantastic for just cruising around the streets on. I don’t ride street, but I ride on streets. It is pretty good off-road too, unless it’s wet or muddy then the grip totally goes.


Huh? I have a 26" with the same tyre and though it’s not perfect on concrete, it’s certainly not unridable; that seems to me to be a great exaggeration.

At any event, no tyre can handle everything. I find the Duro okay for street and great for trails, but any Muni tyre is designed for off road; I think it’s just a case of getting used to riding with treaded tyres on pavement.

I would have agreed with you before I put the Berm master through its paces. At this point I really don’t feel hesitant in recommending it as the tire of choice for trail/street use. It’s got good volume, good traction, it sheds mud pretty well, and handles well on a great variety of terrain. It is probably a bit better on the street, but it’s very good on trail.