What is a good learning uni/wheel size?

ive been reading about unicycles for a while and i thought it i would be best to actually ask peolpe who ride unicycles.
i am lokking for a unicycle to learn what would you guys reccomend.
i will probaly being using it for riding around my small town and maby in the future some freestyle and or ridding on up/down hills/trails?.
what would be a fairly good unicycle that will last for a couple of years without to harsh of treatment?

i always says that a 20" is the better to learn

is the 20 incher good for cruising to? like around town/ college campuse?

Yes, it would, but, it seems you would actually benefit a lot more from a 24inch unicycle.

There are the Torker LX 24s, or Nimbus makes a good 24inch uni.

dont go too expensive early on. Buy a cheapie to start with then you can buy a unicycle for a particular type of riding. I trashed my first unicycle to pieces in about 8 months. Literally, im not just using a figure of speech :o

I agree, a 24" Torker LX sounds like your best bet.

thanks guys i was thinking of getting the torker lx but i kepped debating the diffrent whell sizes i think i’ll go with the 24" lx
thanks for your imput.

Cool!It’s good to learn on a small wheel…I guess medium works perfectly for learning and commuting…Nice choice!

in you guts opions is a quick release clamp or Double Bolt BMX Style Clamp better? because the new 07 has the BMX and the 06 LX has the Quick Release.

and what other things would you recomnmed me getting for unicycling???
should i get new pedals and if so what kind i heard the stock ones are not very good

Either the QR or the bolt will be fine.

As for any upgrades, just wait on it, some people dont like the pedals, you might, if you dont, then you can change them.

You may want to get a helmet, I dont wear one, but theya re good to have, and once you start getting into anything extreme, trials, street, anything that can cut up your chins, get some 661 shin\knee guards.