What is a fair price for this 29" Nimbus Road

Hello, I don’t normally post, but I am asking the community for a fair estimate on my uni if I decide to sell it. I accidentally rolled into a sink hole and took a bad fall. I just had surgery to repair my rotator cuff and almost broke my hip. I’m out of work for the rest of the year and will probably not want to chance taking long rides anymore.
I bought the uni new about 5 years ago and used it regularly. It was my version of going out for a jog. It has normal scratches on the frame and seat bumpers from using it, otherwise it is in good condition. It has a 29" marathon tire, plastic deity pedals and a homemade flattened Kris Holmes Fusion Freeride seat.
What do you think?

I think this size new costs 360 or 350 delivered new. So my opinion would be half of that.

That sounds about right. You can start at $200 but you might not get many/any bites. Start with the NY Unicycle Club if that’s your local area, and maybe the Trading Post here.

Thanks for your input.