What is a fair price for spoking a rim?

I need to spoke my moment hub to my new kh rim. I asked at cycle shop and this guy told me It would take him a few hours and he chared at £30 per hour. So the remaining cost would be around £120. To me this sounds rediculess just the respoke a wheel, so how much do people useualy pay? :thinking:

my LBS charges $60(us) plus a lifetime gaurntee of truness. i think taht alot of people on here are just going to tell you to try and learn to do it yourself

I built my last one, it wasen’t amazing. Anybody know of a vid of building a wheel

I dont know of a vid but this is a good sight as a guidline.

My wheel came out pretty good. I followed that website some, but mostly I followed a KH wheelset that I already had. I just followed each spoke to where it goes on the KH and did the same on my wheel I was building.

My bike shop charges about 50 Canadian including custom cut spokes. I wouldn’t ever dare of spending 120 pounds, thats about 240 Canadian. You should shop around, otherwise I would recomend you do it yourself. No wheel is worth a 200 dollar wheel build. Even Kovachi wheels aren’t that badly overpriced.

Ok i’m sitting here building the wheel, is there anyhing I should look out for?

are you using properly sized spokes, that have been properly cut and are new? Keep everything even and keep track of how many turns you have put on the nipples from the start.

I’m using properly sized spokes and they are new


dam i got it wrong ignor those

In the Uk to build and tension a wheel £25 is a standard price. I would guess the guy you spoke to just didn’t want to do a unicycle wheel. Once you’ve finished threading the wheel you can always get a shope to tune the wheel

I’m pretty sure that you’re supposed to alternate the side in which the spokes enter the flange. It’s good that you started by having all of the spokes enter the outside of the flange, but in the holes in between the ones that you already had done, you should put the spokes in through the inside of the flange.

IU’ve done it difrenltly now, I’ll get up more pics after tea

ok heres the current:

Picture 3.jpg

The trick

I have done several motorcycle wheels. The trick is to install all the spokes at once, with each nipple turned on one turn.
Then go around the rim and turn each spoke exactly 1/2 turn, starting at the stem, or any mark.
It sounds to easy. However, since the spokes are all the same, as long as they are all installed the same, the wheel will tighten up true. Even if you go 90 mph !

hmmm bit late for that, any alturnitives for later on in the build?

Motorcycle wheels aren’t the same as cycling wheels.

You have to read a properly made guide to understand what to do.

But usually, if you can do it without a guide, then you know what you’re doing.

If you really need a guide and have no clue, chances are you don’t understand the concept.

Yes, the quote mentioned at the top is way high. Some bike shop people just don’t like to venture outside of what they know. Unicycle wheels don’t readily fit into common truing stands, so he may see it as a hassle.

Wheel building is a good skill to learn, though it may take several tries to get your first wheel done, and will definitely be more time than a pro will need. But the more times you do it the better you will get. You can also build the wheel yourself and then have a bike mechanic you trust do the finishing touches to make it tight and true.

Just try it

I am a 49 yr old mechanic with 35 years experience . Yes motorcycle spokes and rims are different. They are thicker, like Borg’s head.
If you are “done” , and your wheel is out of round, start over. you will need 15 minutes to undo the nips and start over.
Your spokes are not some random length. The threads are cut to exact size.
Even if your rim is a bit out of round, as long as each nipple is turned exactly the same, the wheel will tighten up true. Try it !
As far as the pattern goes, use the same pattern KH does (find a good picture).

Sheldon Brown has an excelent tutorial (the one that Mushketman linked to)

building a wheel is not extreemly hard but it is not easy either. My first wheelbuild was slightly out of round but true, second wheelbuild was much beter then i started doing fancy spoke parterns that have no practical advantage over the standard wheelbuild the 3 leading 3 trailing patern looks realy cool but i would not advise you use it untill you are confident in your wheel building.

good luck!