What inspired you to learn

I just wanted to get some peoples stories of what inspired them to learn to ride a uni. There’s probably already been some threads like this but I’m kinda new to the forum and would like to know. My inspiration came from a film festival I saw in February where they showed “Into the Thunder Dragon.” I absolutely couldn’t beleive my eyes. I thought, “Cool, I gotta learn how to do that.” Prior to that my impression of unicycling was that it was ‘entertainment.’ Now I know that it’s a serious sport. :sunglasses:

I was inspired by when one of my brothers friends who i didnt know could ride was riding a huge barrier with one foot. i was just like, holy crap! thats the coolest thing ever!

At the age of 5 or 6, my family watched the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade from my grandfather’s 2nd floor office on Woodward Avenue. The street was about to be widened, and the front part of the building we were in was going to be torn down. This vantage point was a one-time thing, and was just about where the parade assembles.

That parade made a strong impression on me and my brother and sister, and my grandpa (a graphic artist) encouraged us to draw pictures of it on these huge newsprint pads he set us up with afterwards. Among other things, I rememberd the unicycles, and noticed them in the following years in the parade on TV.

Now I’m not sure which group of unicycles it was. I’m told that in 1967 it was the St. Helens Dill Team, but in 1968 it switched over to the Pontiac Unicycle Club. They were the ones I saw in subsequent years.

About a year after I had finally learned to ride, either 12 or 13 years later, I would enter the same parade with the Redford Township Unicycle Club. In the snow. Woohoo!

I count that early parade as my main inspiration. I’m sure there were other influences, such as Dr. Seuss with his zany vehicles, and probably other childrens books.

Many years later in 8th grade, around the time I had been trying to ride the P.O.S. Troxel I borrowed (which fell apart before I could master it), I saw an even more amazing unicycle performance. This was in my junior high school talent show, which I also did a performance in (I’m not going to describe it and there were no unicycles involved). Jim Bossey of the Pontiac Unicyclists performed on a regular 24" Schwinn and a 5 or 6 foot giraffe, which he rode off a jump ramp. I still remember thinking he was absolutely positively going to die. When he didn’t die, I was totally blown away. This was probably the Pontiac Unicycle Club’s regular jump ramp that they used in shows, to jump over prone unicyclists. Probably a foot high or so. I remember at the tryouts that Jim also had a 10 footer, and something I’ve never seen before or since, a 10’ handlebar unit. I never saw him use either of those, because the stage was too low.

Anyway, it was another three years after that before I finally got my hands on a “real” unicycle to learn on, the Schwinn Giraffe of Bradley Bradley!

When my uncle was in highschool i guess he purchased a unicycle and learned to ride in it. about ten or fifteen years later when i came along i was exposed to it a few times but never felt any interest in it, probably because the clown impression a unicycle makes. Well needless to say i didnt even try to learn to ride it. Then one day about five or six years ago my cousin was digging around in his dads old junk, when he happened upon the unicycle. Looking for something new to do he decided to try it out, so his dad said that if he learned, his dad would buy a new unicycle for him. Pretty soon he did learn, and acquired a new unicycle. Needless to say this didn’t go without my noticing it,and i was soon trying, although it wasn’t until a year later when i bought a unicycle for myself that i actually learned how to ride. Everything has just kind’ve gone from there.

i saw my friends older brother riding a coker and i was like awesome, i want to do that, and he let me borrow one of his 20 inchs the last weeks of the summer of 2003 and i went from that:D

^ him

It was the weirdest thing ever I had no inspiration at all. I think it might of indirectly have something to do with my interest in juggling. I was just at the point where the easy tricks, were easy, the medium tricks were easy, and the hard tricks seemed to far off, and it started to get boring. So I gave it up for a while. Then out of the blue I wanted a unicycle. I remember it almost exactly. It was a year and a half ago and I was driving down Hawthorne St. just passing the Corner Store, when I said aloud in my head “I want a unicycle.” Couple months later I bought a 20" Torker and taught myself. These forums and the Gallery have inspired me to take it further in the last few months, but other then that, I had no inspiration at all, starting off. Has this happened to anyone else? or am i just weird.


Well, I’m a Rubiks Cube World Champion. And I heard of this guy who could solve a Rubiks Cube while idling. So I thought to myself, “Wehooa!! COOL”
I wanted to try. And I did.

I was walking through a flea market one weekend and spotted a piece of junk 24" uni and decided to buy it and learn to ride. That was a little over a year (and 5 unicycles) ago. I guess you could say I just got the bug :smiley:

my inspiration

I got hooked on unicycling when my buddy Jesse Shumaker and George Barnes decided to ride their Cokers across Iowa.

Now I have a 24" united, 36" Coker, and 26" GB4 Muni

you can check 'em out at http://www.gurai.unicyclist.com/

or http://www.gb4mfg.com

I was inspired about 8 years ago now when i was at the local carnival and there was a circus workshop with pedal go’s and plate spinning type activities. But there were also a few unicycles and people having a go, when i realised that you didn’t actually have to be born with the ability to unicycle i found out about a local club and learnt to unicycle! It had the biggest impact on my life!

I used to mountain bike a fair bit and saw Kris Holm doing muni on a movie called New World Disorder.


About 4 months ago i got home from holiday in The Netherlands and i rang my best friend, he told me his brother had got a unicycle and that he could ride aswell, that was that, if he could ride i had to (im kind of competitive i guess) took me 20 mins the next day to ride 20m or so and from then i was hooked. I kept riding every day and eventually bought the unicycle off my friends brother. In two days i will have ridden for 4 months and i guess you could say i caught the bug, i now have a new muni and am loving it. So thats it really, my friend could ride so i had to.

I was at a party/bbq in England and there was a bunch of people tryin to learn to ride this little red unicycle… at the end of the day I still wanted to learn properly, so I asked if I could borrow it for a few days.

After I learned to ride I talked my dad into gettin me one, I learned how to idle and I could do the odd little bunnyhop but I kinda just stopped riding it (it did have a fairly uncomfortable seat).

9 and a half years later I heard of this local surgeon called Ken Looi who was competing in MTB events on his “MUni”, out came the old unicycle and after a bit of a google search I discovered a thing called an “airseat conversion”, that was about 6 months ago now and I’ve just competed in my first MTB event on my “MUni” :stuck_out_tongue:

I was riding my b*ke over to my skewl and they had Universe showing on TV (just to get ppl to come and look!), well, i’ll tell you what, after seeing Universe I just had to get myself a unicycle!!!

For several years after his amazing stunt tightrope walking between the World Trade Centers, Philippe Petit performed on the streets of New York. Much of his time was spent in Washington Square Park which is where I pretty much grew up.

His act was simple and elegant and consisted of juggling, unicycling, and slackrope walking. I spent many hours mesmerized by him and decided that I had to learn to juggle and unicycle.

Which I did. And to quote Margaret White, “I liked it. I liked it.”

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

that’s funny! I knew well Philippe Petit when he started to learn
tightrope walking.
we used to roam cafés of Paris: I played the euphonium with my brassband and he started performing with a rope he secured between two trees.
(he was good at tricks with cigarettes which is useful for performing indoors:p )

one night he told us he was after a girl who happened to live in a huge building near Montparnasse station so he wanted to perform some tricks with torches and asked us a booming performance … that was beautiful! but some people in the building
didn’t really liked that at one in the morning !(some others sent money -which was pretty dangerous: ever received a coin that went 10 storeys down?-)

never seen him unicycling at that time. The unicycling celebrity
was “coin-coin de St. tropez” who used to rush towards people and make sudden half-turns .
I told myself “funny I’ve got to try that …” which I did 33 years later (I keep promises :smiley: !)


My 12 year old daughter asked for one for her birthday last year, and I thought it looked like a really interesting thing to do. I found a beater Schwinn and after about four hours of trying I was hooked. Now my 12 year old twins and I find any excuse we can to go riding together. Just a great sport - and a killer workout that can be done almost anywhere.

That is very true! I have met some really amazing people, both on and off unicycles, through unicycling…

I was inspired to learn after I saw ‘Hot Stuff’ at a bike festival. They had uni’s to try, so I gave it a shot. After a while, I could go a (very) little way, but I wanted to ride one! I bought one off Roger not long after hat… and never looked back!


My 12 year old daughter asked for one for her birthday last year, and I thought it looked like a really interesting thing to do. I found a beater Schwinn and after about four hours of trying I was hooked. Now my 12 year old twins and I find any excuse we can to go riding together. Just a great sport - and a killer workout that can be done almost anywhere.