what i'm going to buy next.

So here’s what i’m going to get as i move up from my li’l Sun 20" uso to bigger things with the eventual goal of experiencing the joy my very own, personal coker-mediated orthodontia.

For a slightly bigger wheel uni i’m going to get a Nimbus 24-inch MUni . Since i tend to do a lot of longer distance riding, i think i’ll get an airseat w/ it.

Because it’s sew qewl, i’m gonna throw in a Nimbus Boomerang while i’m at it.

I was thinking about the 26’s, but various threads here convinced me the 24 is the way to go. I chose the Nimbus Muni over the freestyle based on the slightly beefier design, the better seatpost clamp, and with an eye towards maybe torturing it in between road rides.


If road and distance are your goals and you eventually want to ride a 36" skip up to the 26". They are better for distance , and because it’s mountianbike size slicks to knobbys are cheap and plentiful. The’re not to big for the woods either! I have a 20,24,26,and 28, for distance the 28’ is the way to go!

If you’re eventually planning on riding a Coker, why not just buy a Coker? :smiley:

I guess it depends on how much you ride, but if you get out a few times a week, the coker shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to learn.

You’re going to wear down a knobby like that very quickly on the road, and so it might be worthwhile to consider a road slick tire.

Also, if you’re planning on torturing the uni, you may want to skip the boomerang and pick up a splined Muni, one that can take any abuse you’re willing to give it without fear of busting up your cranks/hub. The only downsides would be expense and limited choice in crank lengths, especially at the shorter end.

whatever you buy, remember to have fun! :smiley: