What I should have called out Will Riley with...

If only. XD

It’s almost all old clips re organized and re edited in a new video. But I think it’s good nonetheless.

Oh, and since I had deleted the previous footage, I had to download my old videos. So that’s why some of the clips are bigger than others.

The riding is better. I kind of like the song, but it totally doesn’t fit the vid IMO.

  • I like it when some ambient sound is included, unless it’s obtrusive (like lots of car traffic).
    I just rewatched all 3. Will still wins.

(you’ve improved a lot and pretty fast since I first saw you on here)

Oh yeah for sure. Will would beat me hands down everytime. I kinda wanted a reason to do some editing and show the hicktripleflip.

i like that vid.
nice job on the hicktripple, im sure you’ll get it on flat soon ;D

See now this is where your trampoline clips look cool to me. Mixed in as a fun part. It looks sweet. I like this video though. Really like that song.