What I plan on buying, is this ok?

Ok…I’ve done my searching around this forum before posting and looked around at UDC to see what the best bet was for a TOTAL beginner.

Here is what I came up with…is this ok?

Nimbus X 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle
KH Pulse gloves
KH Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor or, 661 4x4

And I haven’t decided on a helmet. I was going to get the Torker DX, but the Numbus was cheaper!

That’s a freestyle unicycle, and if you’re going into Freestyle you don’t really need KH gloves or Leg Armour…if you’re going into trials or street, you’ll want a trials unicycle instead, the DX for example would be very good.

Thanks! I’ll go for the DX instead. Eventually I might want to get into street. The DX was my first choice.

Actually, is the Torker Unistar AX any good? It looks like a fairly new model…

your better off with the DX


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I was looking at the Torkers and I saw some that were for Muni and some for trials. I eventually want to get into street. Does it really matter? Or would the Muni one work better? It looks like a BMX tire, but I don’t know anything about unicycles…

If you want to end up doing street the best unicycle to start with would be a trials. A Muni, in general, has a larger wheel and cannot (realistically) be used for street.

You could wait a while and look at the Nimbus X Street, which should arrive in America shortly, and would be great to learn on and use for street and non-agressive trials, but if you don’t want to wait, a cheap trials like a DX or a hoppley should be ok.


depends on the kind of street

Excuse my ignorance, but theres different kinds?

You can do street either with a 20" or 24" wheel but most people do it with a 20", mostly because it’s lighter.
So, go with a Trials unicycle with a 20x2.5" tire.

For street unicycling most people will go for a 19" trials unicycle with a 20x2.5" tyre.

Cheap ones are the qu-ax (yellow hub) and the Torker DX. Most people will say DX cause if you are in the US, they have shorter cranks than on the qu-ax which most people prefer for street. And people in US seem to love the DX.

More expensive uni’s and arguably better ones are the KH20 and the Koxx-one orange bud/DH. The latter are labelled street but dont let that get you, they are just a trials uni with 135mm tubular cranks. (and a stronger rim).

For street most people do it on a trials uni (19") but some are debating doing it on a 20" with a big tyre… theres a discusion in RSU about it. But for starting street either you start with a freestyle uni (like the LX or Nimbus X or Nimbus II) or you start with a trials uni. Most people start with the latter but there is no obligation.

that was a nice long post. I shall go to bed now :smiley:

I should say that I don’t want to spend too much money on this just yet. I’m thinking the DX should do ok…

Yeah the DX is fine for street riding, I know a lot of people like it…so, go with the DX.

yes many people ride street on DX’s it would be a great choice as it isnt too costly but it is very strong, therefore spending a bit more on a DX now will save you upgrading to a better uni when you break a cheap one.

torker dx all the way

Thanks! Does anyone know a good helmet? And does UDC sell those KH Leg Protection Armor in pairs?

the percussion armor are all sold in pairs.

and good helmets are usually skate style helmets. Although i’d actually recomend a MET style bike racing helmet cause they are way more comfy so chances are u’ll wear it more.

Many people hear in the U.S. like the DX because it’s the cheapest splined uni you can get hear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Torkers on UDC UK or NZ, so maybee they don’t import them there. It would be cheaper to get a Qu-Ax (and lighter) than have a DX shipped over from UDC US (although the DX might be cheaper if ordered from e-bay and shipped than from UDC US).

DX, Qu-Ax yellow, Nimbus Hoppley, Nimbus II Street, Onza, Koxx One, and KH are all great trials, street unis the only real difference is price and weight. As price (UDC price) goes up, weight goes down.

Since you are in the US, if you want to go splined and not much money go for the DX. But if I were you I’d get a Torker LX, Nimbus II, or Nimbus X, and after learning focus on flatland tricks, technical trials, and hopping up (not down more than two stairs, esp. to concrete). When you have saved up enough money get a KH and keep the other uni for flatland or use it as a loaner so friends can learn.

edit: if the cranks are a bit longer (like the Qu-Ax yellow) you can request they switch them w/ 127’s.

What is the advantage of splined?