What I love about unicycling is...

For me, it’s the fact that it allows you to lean backwards while descending downhill and forwards while climbing, something you cannot do on a bicycle.

Two free hands, for the most part. Sure I know, bikes can be ridden with your hands off the bars, but they always gotta go back to stop and such.

its so light weight I can jump barriers easily and without too much effort!

What I love about unicycling is…

The simplicity of the instrument, yet the perceived complexity of riding it.

I love the irony of using a clown-bike in a serious manner.

What I love about unicycling

That I always have a several people wave, give a thumbs up, or honk and smile when I’m out on a ride.

When I get a good rhythm and balance doing slalom turns it feels like flying

It just makes people happy…myself included

how its helping me get more toned

its never boring,

the portability, I’m thinking of taking it on flights with me…would a 24" fit in an overhead bin?

I love everyone’s vids and tutorials…I never could have learned without all the great youtube vids. THANKS!

Makes me want to get up every day! :slight_smile:

It’s cool :sunglasses: I really like the freehands part, when I rode my b*ke a few years ago I was always riding without my hands on the handle bar. I like things that not alot of person do… Like unicycling, speedcubing, dice stacking(I’m still learning), I like doing useless things that are cool… But unicycling isn’t useless:)

I like the possibility of getting better to something. Even if I am not a natural talented unicyclist, I can feel that I am better now as I was one year ago, and one year ago I was better than two years ago. Things go slowly in my age and some tricks are hard to learn only because of psychologically blockings, for instance jump mount - brrr - scaring! :astonished:

I consider buying a muni to have some rides in the forests. I’m not that tall (160 cm), so I think a 24" is a good size for me - or what do you think?

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PS: And of course I also like unicycling simply because it is fun! :smiley:

I don’t think so. I dismantled mine and put it in my (large) suitcase, checked in with the hold baggage. It was worrying but it survived just fine!

Oh, and back on topic… I love that unicycling is pretty much the only form of exercise I get. I go out for at least an hour each day, and I don’t think I’d be that committed to any other kind of physical activity!

It’s different…it’s cool…it’s fun…there’s so much variety…so many cool people…it’s cheap…etc., etc., etc.

I would say cheap. both my trials and muni are worth over a grand each.

I love unicycling because of the fact you can go anywhere and take your uni any where. and just the fact that its different and theres always something to learn. eg. how many uni riders can say they can front flip?

ok, let me reword that. It can be cheap. Compare it to say off roading on a Jeep, or car racing, or even trials biking. If you get it into context it’s cheap. If I had thousands of dollars worth of unicycles I might say the same, but I don’t.:frowning:


Haha its only because my muni and custom and my trials is pretty much the same. swapped out more or less every thing

The constant challenge. I have only been riding sense this past September and on this past saturday (3.27.2010) I rode my 24 inch for twenty miles. I almost gave up at mile 18 but didn’t.

everything. The faces of people passing by, the possibilities you have,…:slight_smile:

It takes me to places I wouldn’t bother to walk to, and down paths I’d miss on a bicycle. Every hill is two challenges: one up, one down. The punch in the air and the “Yes!” of acievement as I reach a summit. The happy monkey feeling of swooping down a hill through the forest. Dancing with gravity in an open air ballroom.

…having to work for every inch of trail you ride, no exceptions.

“Dancing with gravity” is a great way to describe unicycling. It draws our attention to the fact that just as gravity never stops the dance of gravity we engage in when unicycling never stops.