What hub for your next build?

With 36h being the norm and 32h kind of becoming a trend, I wondered what hub would you folks choose for your next build? And why?

  • 32h with disc brake
  • 32h without disc brake
  • 36h with disc brake
  • 36h without disc brake
  • 48h, for some reason
  • How’bout try a 28h?

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For me I’m thinking to build a 27.5" muni (after the geared commuter build that is already in progress), 32h would allow me to choose from a great range of rims.

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Been on 32h since 2015, the rim choice is just so much better. Getting a strong rim that is lighter than our uni specific rims is most probably stronger than 4 more spokes.

32h for Muni and Trials.


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I’m building 36h wheels and have for all my unis mainly just due to that’s what’s in stock when I ordered. Would go for 36h, but all my unis are now carbon fibre rims so I got them drilled to 36h.

If the aluminum hub was brakeless and 36h I’d be on it but brakeless 36h is my current go to.

I found when I did have a brake I didn’t use it very much even with small hills.

Most of my riding is road, gravel, and unipacking. For big hills when Unipacking I got multi hole cranks

Pick is the new 26" travel uni I’m building

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