what hub for a b.c?(i know to use a bike hub but what one?)

I am looking at making my self a b.c wheel but am unsure how much to spend on the hub i think i will only spend £10 on a cheap hub and upgrade as i get better and use it harder ect ect I am using a alex dx32 as i have one spare from my bent old trials set up so it should be “easier” then normal skinny b.c’s i am going to see what happens.
The question is do you think i am wrong in getting shuch a cheap hub?

ok lets write that so people can understand!
I am making a b.c wheel. I am unsure weather i should spend lots on the hub i am basically getting the cheapest one i have found that is 36 hole it is £10.Is that cheap?

A cheap axle will bend really fast. Get a BMX hub, or something meant to take abuse. My original axle, a no-name BMX one, bent from the jumping-on, so my pegs angled downward, and the bearings were binding. My bike shop replaced the axle only with a fatter, stronger one. That one’s been on there in the 15+ years since then.

this is a good area for me (I rode bmx for about 10 years). get a hub with a 14mm axle, and preferably with sealed bearings. unsealed will give you problems in the future. this could get a little pricey, but it will be safer and it will last alot longer. 14mm axles can take ALOT of abuse. you could weigh 300 pounds and jump on it. it would take it. wahtever you do, stay away from 3/8 inch axles (the skinny ones). they will bend really fast, and potentially snap, and that will hurt like hell.

good luck with that

i will have a look in the lbs i don’t wana spend to much i basically dont have the money!

you can find a good 14mm hub for a pretty reasonable price. sometimes if you are lucky, a little more than 20 american dollars. it doesnt have to be anything super-wonderful. it just has to work. anything 14mm will be great.