What helmet?

i understand that this has probably already been posted…
(maybe there is something wrong with my search thingy) because i searched for quite a while and didn’t find anything. (but i am very lame and finding stuff)
what helmet would anyone advise?
i want what anyone would want from a helmet:

  • comfort
  • strength
  • durability
  • breathable
  • and i would rather it not look really stupid

but obviously strength and comfort are the most important (don’t really care about the others much)

i do trials/Muni mainly. and i do want to wear a helmet so none of this “oh you don’t need a helmet”
once, i was at the forest of bere and i did a drop off some stacked logs landed on the edge of a stump. i sorta did one of those projectile dissmounts and landed my head right on a log. i don’t really remember as it happened so fast but some how i also hurt both my wrists(im gona get kh gloves 2008) banged my shins/knees (i had kh leg stuff on) and a branch decided it wanted to smack me right in a very painfull place (it was soo funny[and painfull]) wish i had filmed it:D my brother was the only one to see it…

but anywho-i need a new helmet as mine is like 9 years old is cracked all over anyone got any ideas?

How about one of these?

Cool Carbon Fiber Helmet\

I use mine on my motorcycle, mtn bike and rollerblading…will use with my KH29er when it gets here the middle of the month, as well.

I use one of these

I have hit my head several times on muni rides with no problems. It seems to work pretty well for muni riding.

It is much better ventilated than my previous older helmet, and way cooler than a piss pot style helmet.

The vents go straight forward, which is good if you want to fit a night riding light into them.

I’ve had it roughly 3 years, a whole load of crashes, and am just about to replace it.


I use one of these.


BMX helmet for park and street, bike helmet or similar for CC Muni. The BMX helmets have more coverage, so they will be hotter, but they give more protection and stay in place better than a bike helmet. Bike helmets are fine, but if I was riding hard trials off road I’d upgrade to something like this:


Only $35, dual approved for skate and bike, lots of cool colors, I may have to get myself one :slight_smile:

Here’s a good resource for folks wanting to learn more about helmet design, function, certifications, etc…

Also consider getting a helmet that has multiple uses, for instance I have kayaked, mountain boarded and skied in my R.E.D. Hi Fi helmet:


bmx helmet, if you want a specific i use a bell balistic or somnething like that

I now use one of these for Muni. http://www.bellbikehelmets.com/productDetail.asp?prodID=7

Decided to get a full face helmet when I got braces. For what I’m paying for them, I thought that I should protect my teeth.

NO helmet.
just go balls out

In an active sport like unicycling you want a helmet with some ventilation which can breathe a bit. Those carbon fiber helmets seem like they would get super warm once you started riding.

They have a padded foam insert that is removable…I usually just soak it in water…it does the trick nicely…I have been out on the rollerblades all day, and it works well for me…light, and DOT approved…

I have also ridden cross country on my motorcycle, doing over 1000 miles in a day (Iron Butt…Google it), I swear by it…it works for me!

You must be thinking of a different sort of helmet …

I much prefer the look of the skate-style helmets to the bike-style helmets, although, for preference, I’d have to go with mikefule’s pick.

Well, at this time of year, the spike does provide a useful mounting point for a head torch and, later, Christmas lights.

I imagine one could additionally mount a fairly large basket or some such for mobile storage.

Also, consider the usefulness in defending oneself against jealous bicyclists!