What Have You Named Your Unicycle??

Apparently 4 ot of 10 people name their cars
Usually a female name.

Have you named your unicycle?
…and why did you pick that name?

For awhile, when I was on the road, I refered to my Giraffe as the Iron Horse. But That is a far as I have come to naming my unicycle or car.
My Girlfriend has named her cruiser bike “Ellen” due to it’s rather androgynous nature…


Haha i love naming inanimate objects :slight_smile:

I named my nimbus freestyle Xavier…not sure why…it just seemed like an Xavier. I just got a Kris Holm 20" that i have yet to name. :smiley:

My 20" DM Ringmaster is called Sally. I was sitting on the stage next to her at the local club one evening (I don’t remember whether it was the juggling club or the unicycling club, both met in the same room) and it occurred to me that she was a Sally.

My Muni is called Mindy, for reasons of alliteration.

My Coker is called Cindy, with a nod towards a certain former model.

I very seldom refer to Mindy or Cindy by their names, but I nearly always refer to Sally as Sally. Likewise, I nearly always refer to my main bike as Helga, rather than just as “my bike”.

I haven’t bothered to name my spare 20" (a Lidl cheapy) or either of my ultimate wheels.

In rough order of acquisition:

Koyaanisquatsi (“Life out of balance”)–the uni I learned on. Koyo for short.
Kobe–my basketball uni, Miyata Deluxe 24"
Phat Boy–26" Yuni MUni (Profile)
Lucky–24" 2005 KH XC MUni (won at CMW)
Zippy–29er with 110s
Frankenstein–Yuni 29er frame, can be set up either as 29er or 26" MUni
Sasquatch–Endomorph/Large Marge set up for sand and snow
Oy Vey–Ultimate wheel (Star of David style)
TD–RTL uni, 29er Schlmupf (lost/stolen in transit from Nova Scotia)
TD “don’t call me Junior” Jr.–29er Schlumpf set up for MUni

I also have a new 20" which hasn’t yet earned a name.

My unicycle is called Aina since i was visiting my freind Stian and we were joking with a girl in his class called Aina :smiley:

Trials- “lil’un”
Muni- “The thing” or “Moonie” (for fairly obvious reasons)
Qu-ax 36 - “36er” or “Beast”, or if I have just had a UPD then “B!tch”

My 20" Qu-Ax is called “Calfbiter” for some unknown reason. I have temporarily drawn its teeth by replacing the metal pinned pedals with plastic ones while I learn some things. It’ll have its teeth back soon.

The 24" trainer is “The Old One” and the 29" Nimbus, “The Big One”.


The 20 is call “The Twenty”.

The KH24 is called “The KH24”.

The 26" Pashley is called “The Holy Roller” because of the Holy Roller tyre.

The skinny custom-wheeled 700c was calld “The Bacon Slicer” when it had the deep section 23mm tyre, and was redesignated “Wafer Thin” when I put the 20mm tyre on it. Right now, it’s “The One With a Puncture.”

My old 700c with a 28mm tyre was The Road Razor.

The Nimbus 36 is called “The 36”. I did consider giving it the name “The Yard”.

The ultimate wheel is called “The Ultimate Wheel”.

My trials is named Britannica, apparently because that is a British-sounding name.

My penguin is named The Troxelator. John Foss suggested that because it had a Troxel seat on it at the time of its christening.

My Nimbus II…The Nimbus. Never really named it. Maybe I could call it Gimp because it has one 89mm crank and one 114mm.

I forgot to gave a name to my unicycles, I just can’t decide a cool name for them. But I still call them different way because my parents are always mixed up because I got too much unis.
My KH20 trials is the Yellow one, because it’s yellow, obviously.
My 24" Torker/Nimbus Muni is the 24" or the Muni
My Coker is just the 36er
and my old Koxx-one trials is the crappy one.
I dont really use my BC wheel, my learner, my 16" custom broken/bent trials uni and my giraffe so they are just called what they are:p

I haven’t thought of a good name yet, because I’ve already used Tiberius for my laptop and Victor for my cactus. I don’t want to think of a good one and waste it on this piece of junk I’m currently riding though.

Don’t tell him I said that.

All my uni’s have the same name:

The Fun Machine


Paul MUni. :sunglasses:

It never occurred to me to give my muni a name. If I did, I think it would be “Red” because that’s the colour I ordered. It’s definitely not red, it’s orange.

1st unicycle
Torker CX

Name: Rebecca

2nd unicycle
Torker LX 24"

Name: Bertha

3rd unicycle
Nimbus 20

Name: Jane

4th Unicycle
KH longneck

Name: Carmen

Oh, and Coker’s name is “Pepsi”. :D:p

On the rare occasion I have to call my uni anything, I identify my Qu-ax 24" as The Tractor; The others don’t have names.

I won’t use good names on inanimate objects in case I pick one that I’d prefer to give to a child. Only in Soviet Russia would you name your baby girl Tractor.


like the nickname of the famous pterydactilus salvatus deus x machina:D

24" Nimbus II - The Coddling Grinder
KH24" - Rollin’ Luv
KH29" - Big Luv

I names my little red uni “Poins” after the character in Shakespeare’s “king Henry IV”

My Muni is nameless…maybe i should call it Falstaff! :smiley: